Liquid VS Shisha – by: NycGio

Hello guys i am a new member here on the forums sorry if i am posting this in the incorrect place i found this was the best place to post it on. I am a hookah guy i like to do hookah when i go out drinking but i am interested in getting one of the ProVari mods because i have seen some interesting videos on it.

1. Do these liquid give you a buzz like the shisha or is it just a vapor with flavor?
2. I am thinking of purchasing ProVari Starter Kit with Tank V2.5, I heard you can put 2 coil system for better vapor where can i purchase that and will it fit with the provari?
3. How long does the battery usually last non stop ?
4. What are the ups and down vs smoking a hookah with shisha?

Thanks in advance and hope you guys can guide me to the right place.