Re: Forum home – by: diablo3zss

This has been a issue since the starting of [url=​/gold]RS 2007 Gold[/url] this website. Customers desired the top "Forum" tab to go to the most well-known. I will add "Forum Home" below that. Perhaps that will help.As far as the curser issue, I have no concept. It might be a web browser issue. Not a bad concept. I know when I 1st began here it took some looking around to [url=​2007-Gold.html]Cheap RS 2007 Gold[/url] discover the community house tab. I’m used to how it is now, but I keep in mind being annoyed that simply clicking community up top did not take you to the community record, but to the record of [url=http://www.fifacoins2buy.​com/]Buy Fifa 14 Coins[/url] latest subjects instead.As for the pointer, what shade plan are you using? the standard or the nts_dark? I haven’t had that issue using the nts_dark.

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