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Thinking it’s time for an upgrade.

Greetings <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF family. I’m still really new to the vaping community, 9 days and counting smoke free. I’ve done the whole disposable to crappy rechargeable to a 650 mah evod setup. I’m really enjoying it so far, both the vaping and not hacking up a lung every morning from the smoggers, but I need something with more longevity and the ability to adjust to taste. The evod bcc‘s and protank II I started with all came with the standard 2.5 ohm coils. Didn’t feel the vapor was quite right so I bought some of the 1.8 ohm replacement coils. Started out great for an hour or so, but I keep getting a burnt metallic taste – thinking the coils are burning up more juice than the wicks are taking in.
Just started looking through fast tech for a vv vw setup. I like the idea of the vamo v3, but prefer the aesthetics of the v2. Are there any huge differences between the 2, besides the new led display? I thought I remembered reading something about an issue with the contact pin on the v2. Also, any other suggestions for a "plainer" looking vv/vw setup? I don’t particularly care for the striped etching on the came v3.

Tl/dr: need to upgrade. Major differences between vamo v3 vs v2? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for taking the time to read my novella.

I must be the wierd one!

Just over the last few days I have started using my 1st RBA. I have read time and time again that RBAs will make you decrease your nic level. I am finding that the TH is so smooth and nearly not there that I am thinking about jumping my nic up 2mg to increase it. I am using 400 mesh and 32g Kanthal to wrap a 2 0hm coil. I have tried turning the air hole a little to the side and that helps a bit but is not drastic and I need drastic. I am a TH junkie and this weak TH is making me feel like I am still needing more nic after a lot of vaping. The flavor is awesome but the TH is just not there. Please do not tell me to get a mech. I have 3 Provaris and love each of them dearly. I love knowing the safety features are there as well as ohms checks on board at the drop of a hat. Does anyone have any suggestions other then raising my nic level or building micro coils and getting a mech? I am a total noob to RBas so I could be doing something totally wrong.

Imitation or real?

I know there are fake batteries and tanks on the Internet and am now having to replace both my protank and my c-twist. I’m looking at getting the Vision Spinner in rainbow chrome. Ive noticed the price range for this product is pretty variable. How do I know if an online sight is selling me a real product? I don’t want to opt for cheaper and have it break again. Anyone ordered from sweet-vapes?

New "old" member

Hi guys,

I was on this forum several years ago under the user name BigKen but I fell off the wagon and went back to analogs for a couple years. I just started back vaping a couple months ago and couldn’t retrieve my account on here so I had to create a new account. I started with the old Blu Cigs back in ’08 I guess and went on with screwdrivers, Janty Sticks, 901s, 808s, Prodigy mods, 510s etc. When I quit I was on a Titan Tank. I started back with ego bats with several clearomizers, then a Vison pro tank copy and recently started with a couple of RBAs which I am still cutting my teeth on. lol Moved on from the egos to a vamo v3 and I modded my old Prodigy V2 with a 901 connection to accept 510s. I still go back to some old 510 attys I had from way back with a drip tip. Glad to be back in the vaping world. Keep on Vaping in the Free World!