An interesting thought

The first rule of vaping: If it keeps you from smoking analogs, it is working just fine. I do not want any other person new to this experience to read this and think that just because I chose to put time and effort into advanced tools or techniques that they must also go down that road in order to be completely successful.

That being said, I am a tinkering kind of guy. Upon finding out that there was possibly more to this than an ego and clearomizer (I am not taking anything way from that setup, but that is where I started), I started digging. I found available to me all sorts of ways to get more flavor, hit, or vapor and gazillions of toys to help get there.

Here is that hopefully interesting thought. For the more than thirty years that I smoked (note the past tense… do a little dance) , I don’t think it ever crossed my mind about the intensity of the flavor, or amount of smoke I was putting out. I did not run from one brand or style of analog to another and then back again looking for that missing whatever. Now that I have managed to join the ranks of those who have given up smoking those same analogs (although a noob in that sense, I will still claim it) I do indeed wonder if I am getting enough of the the flavor of which I am now aware. I exhale a cloud of no longer toxic fog and wonder if my device is working up to par.


For the past few weeks I’ve noticed there have been many outages usually for a short duration. However, a few times I’ve received 400 errors – but can access the forum by 3G on my phone – but not on wifi or my laptop. Totally confused and makes me wonder if there have been "rolling blackouts" …. To ease server issues? Is that even possible?

I’m back…..too much new stuff

SO ive been out for a year and a half, now im coughing up a lung again and its time to quit. On top of that… winter is coming…..

Found my old Silver bullet and cleaned the hell out of it tonight. Now i need new batteries, atomizers and juuuuice.

So far from what i’ve read in the past hour it seems that rebuildable are more mainstream now. and now there are tanks with replaceable heads….

So im thinking of getting a protank2 whats the stroy on it?

As for juice, is Maple leaf still around? Last time i made an order from them i was nto satisfied one bit, is he better now? Where else can i get juice with nic content from?


Is the vivi nova still the best clearo on the market?

I’ve got a vivi nova and it has worked great over the past 8 month or so. I’ve tried the T3, the CEs, the iClear, and none has performed as well as my vivi nova.

So is the vivi nova still tops now? I’ve heard about the Protank but has never tried it. It might look great and use better materials, but I wonder if it is as user friendly as the vivi nova?

Or perhaps there are products I don’t know about?

rebuildables learning curve

I just built my first and second AGA-T2. I am running about one to 1.2 ohms on a 3-4 and 4-4 wrap of 30ga (or 32?) Kanthal. oxidized 325 SS. I normally vape a 50/50 mix.

My priority is getting the most flavor, first, then hit, then vapor. A huge cloud of vapor is cool, but it is the flavor and hit that keep me coming back.

During my learning curve related to building the coil, I have discovered even more setups than I would have thought possible. What is a dual coil? Quad coil? Academically I understand that it is running two or four coils, but how does that work? Will it deliver more flavor, TH and vapor? What about micro coils? I saw a video of one today, but have no idea where it stands.

Constant dry hits no matter what carto I use

I’ve been using DCTs for over a year now, and I love them, but just recently I started having some trouble.
My usual setup is a Smoktech tank with a 1.7 ohm DC carto on a 3.7 ego batt, used with 50/50 juice. All the batts and tanks I’m using are only a few months old, and have been working fine up to this point, so I wouldn’t expect it to be an issue with them. Same goes for the juice– I’ve been buying the same stuff from the same suppliers all this time, and none of them seem to have changed their recipes.

Last month I was out of the country, and didn’t bring the majority of my kit with me. When I came back I loaded fresh new Smoktech cartos into every tank, filled them up with brand new liquid, and… all dry hits. Topped them all off, still kept getting dry hits. I always wait for the juice to soak in after priming (this is the method I use, it’s never failed me) and checked them all for flooding, but as far as I can tell, I hadn’t done anything wrong. They just kept giving me dry hits until they burnt.

So, throat raw and eyes watering, I decided to order cartos from Ikenvape and borrowed some kit from a friend in the meantime. The IKV order arrived, I set everything up, making sure to prime them the way others have recommended, and… nothing but dry hits! Every carto burnt or flooded eventually. Incredible.

Picked up some Smoktech Resurrectors and even XL Boges, and those all gave dry hits too. Every single one. I’ve been through 40 cartomizers at this point and I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong. Have the QC people at every factory been laid off? Are carto manufacturers starting to use liquid-resistant batting? Do I just have insanely bad luck? Or, more likely, could it be something to do with my equipment and not the cartos themselves?

Hopefully this problem has an easy solution or a simple answer. Any help would be appreciated!

just signed up to ECF

hi, just sign up to <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF but been lurking the forums for a little while. I am an analog smoker that got into e-cigs to help me to quit. haven’t been successful thus far but I think I have cut down on analogs. I started with analog style e-cigs then worked my way to an ego kit and eventually made it to mechanical mods. my current setup is a Kamry K100 mod wit a Nimbus atomizer running dual coil (3mm wick with 28 gauge kenthal) at about .5 ohms with MNKE 18650 battery. vapes like a beast. HAHA. I have yet to find my flavor though. still looking for that ONE.

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