Home made e liquid from household items?

Question by Ben: Home made e liquid from household items?
I just invested in my first e cig and I was wondering if it was possible to make e liquid successfully with household items…. I know you need vg, but would it be possible to do a recipe such as 50%vg 25% water and %25 pure vanilla extract? I would like more info :) any help will do
I smoke nicotine free
Also I’ve heard of ways to sweaten it, but also heard sugar damages the cig… So how exactly do I sweeten it?

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Answer by Scarlet
no it’s all glycerin. just add any flavor, no water. i use vanilla extract but it has to be the hazlenut kind or it just tastes like biter fog. try going to www.totallywicked-eliquid.uk they sell custom flavorings. you also need nicotine extract to get the effects, otherwise you’re just smoking vapor.

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