Whoa! I found a safe space! – by: Mrs. G

Hello everybody!
I’m so glad to have found this forum. It’s hard enough being accepted when I live a "vintage lifestyle" let alone the use of e-cigs. I’m totally new to the vape community and I started to help me kick the nicotine habit. I hate the nicotine but I love the act of smoking. What really does it for me is that once I kick the nicotine, I can still vape. It calms me. I suffer from a condition called CRPS and along with the mind blowing pain comes panic attacks. Smoking often helped with that. This disease has no known cure so I know I will always have the urge to smoke when the flares hit. I’m thrilled to have found vaping. This will keep the nicotine out and still give me the same "cues" that trigger calming when the attacks hit. Loving it! Loving that there are others I can compare notes on and learn from.

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