Another ECF refugee – by: lksquirrel

Hi nice people. 🙂

At ECF I’m a supplier associate. Because of their extensive rules and ridiculous attitudes I am not allowed to participate as part of the vaping community. I do NOT want to be a vendor here. I do not own the company. I answer the phone and take care of the stupid, useless forum at ECF. My company does not and will never advertise here. We do not sell anything 99% of you would even want. Trust me on that. If anyone wants more specific information I am happy to give it. But all I want is a place I can talk about vaping, show off my new toys and the stuff I make for them and possibly be of service to newbies or anyone else. I will not talk about the company I work for unless someone has a private question. i will not display links in my signature or anywhere else that point to my company. But I don’t want to have to pretend to be someone else and I’ve been on ECF for several years so it’s likely that someone here will recognize me. I figured it is better to be up front and honest at the beginning. I am basically a shameless hussy with no brand loyalty …I buy just about anything from anyone…LOL. I want to be able to share the cool things that I find …or the great prices…..or that special out of stock item that just came back in stock….without being accused of….well….I really don’t know WTF they think I’m trying to do when I post about those things. It can’t possibly benefit me or my company to give links and kind words about other vendors. But the attitude of distrust is so pervasive there seems no way to overcome it. I just want a nice, friendly place where I can be part of the gang. Can I do that here?

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