New Joye eGo-T e-cigarette battery features

Joye ego-T battery

Joye has released a new battery, the joye ego-T battery which includes a great new feature that solves a problem that has been plaguing this battery for a long time. If you are familiar with the ego then you know why “button covers” were released. Many people experienced this battery firing when they had the e-cigarette in their pocket. This would cause the atomizer to heat up when it was in your pocket, and sometimes it would even destroy your atomizer. With the original ego battery this was resolved by purchasing a button cover.

How Joye resolved the Pocket Fire

When Joye went out to design the newest and greatest e-cigarette they addressed this issue by adding a on / off option to the new ego-T battery. By simply clicking the button five times, you would turn the battery on / off respectively. The button blinks 5 times to inform you that it is turning on/off and you are good to go; no more pocket fire!

With the advent of the on / off feature, the ego-T battery is the best on the market. It offers long battery life, a compact size, and great vapor production for the daily e-cigarette user.

Other ego-T Features

Along with the new and improved Joye ego-T battery, the joye ego-T e-cigarette features an all new “Tank” System (hense the “T”) in the name. The Tank system is nothing short from revolutinary to the e-cigarette market. The Tank system is a small tank that holds a few mil of e-juice and sits between the atomizer and the mouthpiece.

It offers juice directly to the atomizer through its wicking system and gives the user a similar experience to dripping without the need to drop drips on the atomizer every few puffs. This system is great! and works well. If you are drip you e-cigarette, you should definetly look into the joye ego-T e-cigarette system.

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