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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – Easy And Convenient

Ask any smoker and they will tell you that smoking is not just a habit but a vital part of their lifestyle. Smoking is weaved into their daily routine and it is really hard to give up the habit. But continuous smoking can lead to many health issues. No wonder many people are exploring alternatives to real cigarettes. Among these alternatives, disposable electronic cigarettes are an option.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are one of the most sought after alternatives to traditional smoking. Electronic cigarettes are fitted with batteries that fire the electronic cartridge within. When the cartridge heats up, the vapor within is released and is inhaled by the smoker. In case of disposable electronic cigarettes, these cigarettes are disposed off after use.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are available in many flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint and so on. They all contain menthol so that the smoker can experience that cooling effect. These cigarettes are very affordable and cost much lesser than conventional cigarettes.

Unlike other electronic cigarettes, the disposable electronic cigarette is unique because it can be thrown away after it is used. Varying nicotine strengths are available, and cigarettes may be light (8 mg) or full flavor (16 mg). Like conventional electronic cigarettes, disposable electronic cigarettes too have batteries, cartridges and atomizers – and each of these parts is disposable. A single cigarette could supply as many puffs as 20 regular cigarettes, that is, almost 300 puffs.

While buying disposable electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to look for attractive package offers. Different brands are available and a little research can tell you more about the brand that suits you the most.

Some of the important advantages of disposable electronic cigarettes are:

* They are a much healthier option when compared to conventional cigarettes
* They are disposable and hence may be thrown away after use.
* They do not require matches and do not produce ash.
* They do not contain toxic substances traditionally found in cigarettes like tobacco and tar.
* The nicotine content within the cigarettes may be controlled, allowing the user the freedom to choose how much they want to inhale.
* They are much more affordable than conventional cigarettes.
* They are loaded with a disposable battery
* These cigarettes may be smoked anywhere, any time. There are no restrictions, unlike real cigarettes.
* They are a vital step towards chucking the smoking habit.
* They are healthy, not only for the smoker, but for all those around them.
* They do not produce foul smell or flavor within the mouth

So, if you are searching for an alternative to conventional cigarettes, then electronic disposable cigarettes definitely are a great choice.

Elektro, an online electronic cigarette store in USA offering disposable electronic cigarettes at affordable prices.

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Q&A: Do you have to replace the nicotine packs on the e-cig?

Question by garrett: Do you have to replace the nicotine packs on the e-cig?
Do you have to buy more nicotine packs for the e-cig or no? Can you smoke it without the nicotine packs?

Best answer:

Answer by Amaretta
It needs the nicotine packs to deliver the nicotine and vapor. Without the nicotine packs, you can’t “smoke” anything.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!