No.7 E-Cig Review

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Electronic cigarettes, worthy buying for a smoker

buy a electronic cigarette
by tripu

Maybe you have heard about electronic cigarette, and you know its function. Just as you know, electronic cigarette is used to help you stop smoking. But do you know how an electronic cigarette works?

Electronic cigarette is an non-burnable cigarette, its functions are similar with the common cigarettes, it can refresh someone, satisfy ones’ addiction, make the smokers feel joyful and relaxed, at the same time it makes the smokers quit smoking. The essential difference between electronic cigarettes and common cigarettes rely on: 1. Electronic cigarettes do not contain Tar ingredient which is harmful to human being, no carcinogenic substances. 2. non-burnable, there are no a variety of harmful chemical substances formed by conflagating. 3. There is no secondhand smoke which will bring harms to others and pollute the environment. 4. Do not worry about fire, the smokers can use the electronic cigarettes in no-smoking and no-fire areas.

There is only a little agrypnotic contained in the electronic cigarettes, and there are not chemical substances which deposite tartar, therefore, smoke electronic cigarettes will not bring tartar and peculiar smell. With the electronic cigarettes’ come out, it indicate that smoking is about to a healthy time.

Maybe your father or your husband are still smoking the common cigarettes, as you can see, sometimes you are smoking the secondhand smoke, we all know the secondhand smoke is more harmful to the human body. Common cigarettes contain a lot of harmful substances which will deposite in the smokers’ lungs, thus for a long time, these harmful substances will deposite more and more, and lead the smokers can’t breathe the fresh air. It will form a vicious cirsle and then the smokers would be taken ill. In that case, the result will be very serious, you will spend large numbers of money in taking good care of them. While electronic cigarettes are the high-tech and new products which are designed specially for those who smoke addictively, at the same time, these new products won’t bring harms to human body.

If there are smoke druggiers in your family, I think it is necessary for you to buy electronic cigarettes for them, perhaps the electronic cigarettes are a little expensive and you are reluctant to spend much money on them one time, but from the long-term interests, you will feel it is worthy buying.


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Characteristics of E-Liquid

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by ducamendes

Without E-liquid, it is impossible for the electronic cigarette to function as it is supposed and expected to function. E-liquid is the secret ingredient in the electronic cigarette that provides the whole smoking experience.  Although many manufacturers of E-liquid offer various E-liquid elements, there are common characteristics that E-liquid has. These are the characteristics of E-liquid:

a. Its base component is a hygroscopic solution. The hygroscopic solution dissolves the nicotine and flavouring in the E-liquid solution. This hygroscopic agent causes a liquid component to transform into vapour when heated. This hygroscopic element has water-retention property that qualifies it to carry atomized medication. This hygroscopic solution consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG 400). The propylene gycol or vegetable glycerine in the E-liquid is the basis for the vapor level when smoking an electronic cigarette. The higher vapour volume, the better smoking feeling a person can get.

b. Nicotine concentration may vary in an E-liquid solution. This is for the wider choice given to the smokers on their nicotine intake. The nicotine level may be categorized as: “Low” ( 6-8 milligram per 1 millilitre of E-liquid ), “ Medium” (10-14 milligram per 1 millilitre of E-liquid) , “High”( 16-18 milligram per 1 millilitre of E-liquid),and ”Extra High” (24-36 milligram per 1 millilitre of E-liquid).

c. It has many flavours. The range of flavours would depend on the electronic cigarette starter kit brand.

Some electronic cigarette starter kit brands provide only four flavours, while other electronic cigarette starter kit brands provide hundred of flavours to choose from. E-liquid has paved the way for a more tasty smoking nature. The E-liquid in most types of electronic cigarette starter kit mimics the flavour of tobacco and menthol in the traditional cigarettes. However, others innovate a lot more flavours, like tastes from fruits, beverages ( beer/wine/liquor /cola), juice, herbs, teas, etcetera. There is also a choice if one wants flavourless E-liquid.

d. An electronic cigarette starter kit includes cartridges of different colors. The colors would mostly come from the various colors of E-liquid. The colors are for aesthetic purposes as well as for distinction of flavors. e. E-liquid is contained in a lot of forms. One form is inside a bottle with a dropper tip. Another container for E-liquid is a pre-filled cartridge. This pre-filled cartridge is connected to an atomizer which turns the E-liquid to vapor. In an electronic cigarette starter kit, the single entity that connects the cartridge to an atomizer is popularly called as cartomizer. This cartomizer is disposable. On the other hand, a cartridge that is connected to a reusable atomizing device is refillable. The individual can simply drip 2 to 4 drops of E-liquid to the cartridge. This is the allowable number of drops. 

Depending on the type of Electronic cigarette starter kit, an electronic cigarette comes in various flavors, from the traditional menthol flavor to innovative flavors like fruits, beer, juice, herbs and many others. These tastes and flavors are contained in the <a target="_blank" href="” title=”e-liquid“>e-liquid of the electronic cigarette. <a target="_blank" href="” title=”electronic cigarettes”>electronic cigarettes provide the user with plenty of choices of cartridges. offers a lot of information about the electronic cigarette.

Where can I find a decent free e-cigarette starter kit?

Question by gigglez: Where can I find a decent free e-cigarette starter kit?
I’ve been smoking for four years and i’m trying to find an option to help me quit. I’ve been looking into “e-cigarettes” and I can’t seem to find a free starter kit to experiment with and see if it will work for me. Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Char T
I know of no reputable company that gives away free starter kits. Do a search for “electronic cigarette scam” you will find out about some of the companies that claim to have free starter kits. The best way to go is to order from a reputable company like Greensmoke. They have a 30-day money back guarantee and they do what they promise. Their batteries have a one year warranty. I had one battery go bad after 4 months and they sent me a new one really fast. You have to call or email them to let them know. You send them the bad battery. Anyway, I use my electronic cigarette every day and I really like it. If you are interested you can use my personal discount code disc10-15213 for orders $ 100 or more. Use disc5-15213 for orders under $ 100.

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