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Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette Is Offering 25% Discount on All Starter Kits
Anyone who is looking to buy an electronic cigarette can grab this deal and enjoy the savings. The Eversmoke starter kits begin from $ 59.99 after the discount of 25%. Click Here To Refer To Eversmoke Reviews. Eversmoke electronic cigarette offers many …
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Right Choice Ecig – Reasons to Stop

Right Choice Ecig

The moment you smoke your last cigarette your body will immediately benefit. As well as the health benefits you will have more energy, vitality and more money in your pocket.

Every day that you refrain from putting a cigarette to your lips is another day to reclaiming your life back. You will notice that when you quit smoking that your food will taste better and your sense of smell will have improved.

When you quit smoking you will notice that your clothes, body and hair will no longer have that strong pungent stink.

If you need more reasons to quit smoking try these:

Within minutes of having your last cigarette your heart rate and pressure will reduce.
The levels of carbon monoxide in your blood stream will drop after 12 hours since you smoked your last cigarette.
After 3 months the health and functioning of your lungs starts to improve. Your risk of coronary heart disease also falls. Right Choice Ecig

In the first 9 months of smoking your last cigarette you will gradually see and feel an improvement in your respiratory system.

Your risk of coronary heart disease will reduce to 50% compared to a person who smokes.

Your risk of having a stroke is reduced compared to that of a smoker after giving up for a period of 5 years.

After 10 years of smoking your last cigarette your risk of getting lung cancer is reduced by 50% compared to that of a person who smokes.

Your risk of other forms of cancer also drops.

If you have quit smoking for 15 years or more your risk of heart disease will be the same as that of a non smoker.

You will be considerably more well off and be able to afford the little luxuries in life from the money you save by not buying cigarettes. Right Choice Ecig

“After years of trying, I finally Quit Smoking!

Now I live healthier and still smoking … Right Choice Ecig

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Texas Researchers To Study Dangers/Benefits Of E-Cigarettes

Texas Researchers To Study Dangers/Benefits Of ECigarettes
NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A lot of people are asking if those trendy new e-cigarettes are safe? It's one of the things researchers at the University of Texas San Antonio are trying to find out. e-cigarettes are the battery-powered devices being …
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My boss smokes ecigarettes in the office. Is this safe?
Another argument for safety by e-cigarette manufacturers is that they contain nicotine, but none of the other harmful additives in cigarettes. Nicotine on its own is highly addictive and we do not know yet the the health effects of inhaling pure …
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hula girl
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Image by hmmlargeart
now she sits atop (edit)’s working-on-a-bike thingie but she was a reststop purchase when we rented a uhaul for the move to bring my things from new hampshire to new york last year .this hot little lady is also an air freshener- the truck smelled badly of b.o and cigarettes and at one point we had to duct tape the mirrors in place.
good times