Reveals Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes UK in 2013 Reveals Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes UK in 2013
Dallas, TX — (SBWIRE) — 07/12/2013 — The top 10 electronic cigarettes Uk for the year 2013 have been revealed by none other than e cigarette reviews website, so as to ensure that smoking enthusiasts in their millions are able to …
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Best E Cigs 2013 Reviews and Ratings Exposed by the Website
Deerfield Beach, FL — (SBWIRE) — 07/09/2013 — Experts are praising e cigarettes as one of the best alternative to cigarettes. There are many reasons why e cigarettes have gained so much popularity. Primarily the e cigarettes can satisfy the nicotine …
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The politics of ecigarettes: all smoke and no fire?
The e-cigarette market is estimated to be worth £250 million in the UK by 2014. It has approximately 1.3 million users or “vapours” as they are known in the e-cigarette community. These battery powered devices turn liquid nicotine into a vapour that …
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ECig Brand Sponsors 'Poker,' Gets ESPN Exposure
E-Swisher has a two-year deal with Caesars Interactive Entertainment to serve as the official e-cigarette of the WSOP, which has been going on since May 29. The agreement covers on-site signage, including in a player's lounge and outdoor smoking area; …
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Ecigarettesmokers are Turning to Vapors
Smoking verses “Vaping”. e-cigarettes a little metal tube that gives a specific amount of nicotine without the smoke. Is a new way of helping smokers quit. Around the world six million cigarette smokers die every year according to the World Health …
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Ecigarette stores boom in Minnesota after cigarette tax increase
Electronic cigarette stores are sprouting up across the state, marketing products as healthier and cheaper alternatives to smoking cigarettes. Four "e-cigarette" stores have emerged in the St. Cloud area in less than two months, The St. Cloud Times …
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Refilling Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

electronic cigarette cartridges
by splorp

The cartridge or the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette is a small plastic cup. The cartridge is usually attached to the end of the cigarette tube. The electronic cigarette cartridges are at times made of stainless steels as well. These cartridges can be refilled or replaced with the pre-filled cartridges when the vapor ends. Some of the cartridges are also replaceable which have the heating element and the nicotine cartridge in one.


If you are choosing the option of puffing electronic cigarettes only, then refilling the electronic cartridges can be a better option. You can refill the electronic cigarette cartridges with e-liquids rather than throwing it away. This way you will be able to save a good amount of money every time. To refill the electronic cigarette cartridges you can buy e-liquids or you can create your own e-liquid to enjoy a flavored smoke.


The process of refilling an electronic cigarette cartridge:


The best way to refill electronic cartridge is to refill it through a syringe. Using a syringe also decreases the chance of getting e-liquid all over. The refilling can be done with syringes that are used to refill the ink cartridges of the printer.

Read along the article to know about the process of refilling electronic cigarette cartridges through a syringe

· Choose a place which is away from the reach of your children. It would decrease the level of danger caused by nicotine.

· Check the filler of the electronic cigarette cartridge before starting the refilling. Many of the cartridge fillers have two piece designs like an inner and an outer piece. In this case you need to use a paper clip inside the filler to push the inside piece of the cartridge until it comes out.

· Remove the liquid from the bottle using the syringe. Then put in the needle of the syringe till the bottom part of your cigarette cartridge.

· Depress the plunger slowly. Check the cartridge while filling and make sure it doesn’t overflow.

· Once your electronic cigarette cartridge is full, install the electronic cigarette and cap the bottle of e-liquid for later use. Flush the syringe properly and wash it well using fresh water.


The electronic cigarette cartridges are available in various flavors like original tobacco, naughty cherry, strawberry surprise, and fresh vanilla, rich coffee, Rich M and many more. You can thus fill your electronic cigarette cartridge with the flavor you like and keep changing every time you get bored.



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Five Dental Tips for Seniors from Austin Dentists

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

Similar to the rest of the body, aging takes its toll on teeth. Even with those who take pristine care of their mouths, years of use can lead to lessened enamel, surface cavities, tooth sensitivity, darkened teeth and gum disease. Although these are common oral healthcare issues, if left untreated, they can lead to larger, more serious health concerns. Elderly adults should be prepared to handle mouth-related issues to maintain total body wellness, so Dr. Chad Denman, an Austin dentist / Round Rock dentist at Family Tree Dental Group, has put together a list of tips for their consideration:

1. Dont skip the basics. After a lifetime of maintaining oral healthcare habits, one may be tempted to skip now and again, but the basic rules still apply brush twice a day with a fluoride-enhanced toothpaste, floss once a day, rinse with mouthwash, and maintain regular dental visits as instructed by the dentist.

2. Get a discount. Organizations like the American Association for Retired People (AARP) offer dental plans for elderly adults that act as a discount program. These programs are often less expensive than dental insurance and dont have the yearly limitations of the insurance plans. The discounts can be used in tandem with dental insurance, though, for maximum savings.

3. Know the signs. Seniors are more susceptible to types of oral cancer, particularly if using or having previously used cigarettes, tobacco and/or alcohol. Oral cancer is very treatable if caught early. Warning signs include odd lumps or lesions in the mouth and chronic bleeding. While the dentist should check for these signs during regular visits, older adults should watch for any symptoms and, if found, schedule a dental appointment immediately for evaluation.

4. Make adjustments, if needed. Arthritis or other medical conditions may lead to difficulty in brushing and flossing. If so, dont give up, just readjust your approach. Consider purchasing an electric toothbrush. Try a water pick or irrigator instead of traditional floss. A temporary solution may include using a damp washcloth or gauze to remove food from teeth, while rinsing regularly.

5. Care for dentures. Dentures and dental bridges should receive the same level of care as regular teeth. Brush inside and out daily and put in water each evening. Use an appropriate denture power/paste or baking soda for cleaning. Remember to brush and floss any remaining natural teeth and gums. If the denture becomes broken, chipped, doesnt fit properly or is causing pain, see your dentist for adjustments.

Family Tree Dental Group was founded in 2011 by Austin dentists – Round Rock dentists and identical twin brothers Drs. Chad and Shelby Denman to provide high quality dental care in a state-of-the-art environment with careful attention to detail and deep personal respect. Family Tree Dental Group helps maintain the oral health of patients of all ages and cares for all dental needs under one roof. For more information, call (512) 458-5999 in Austin, (512) 310-3999 in Round Rock, or visit

Q&A: Which e cigs are the best?

Question by Brie Robinson: Which e cigs are the best?
I am a smoker. I would very much love to try and possibly switch to the new electronic cigarette. I have done a lot of research and learned a lot of very useful things about e cigs and now I am ready to try. What I wanna know is which kind do I invest in? Considering things like price, effectiveness, convenience, etc etc. Can anyone help?

Best answer:

Answer by John L
V2 offers one of the best mini-style e cigarettes available in the market called the KR808D1. This popular 2-piece style features a battery and cartomizer, which is an atomizer and refill cartridge combined into one unit. Cartomizers can hold up to 7 drops, and refilling is super easy.

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Q&A: Where can I buy Electronic Cigarettes Best Quality for the Best Price?

where can i buy electronic cigarettes
by tripu

Question by Daniel: Where can I buy Electronic Cigarettes Best Quality for the Best Price?
Where can I buy electronic cigarettes that are real good quality? My mom and I are really worried about pop since he flat out refuses to quit smoking, even though his persistent cough is getting worse. He tried nicotine gun for like a week so we thought he might give an e cigarette a try because it looks more like smoking. I’ve seen some for sale but they didn’t look very well made and I would prefer to buy electronic cigarettes made in the USA so we can be sure they don’t conflict with his doctor’s advice. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Jessica
Ebay or Amazon! Thy should hav thm there and thy should be cheap!

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