If I purchase the blu cig premium 100 cartridges will it work/fit on my regular sized blu cig?

Question by xboxcodblackops: If I purchase the blu cig premium 100 cartridges will it work/fit on my regular sized blu cig?
I purchased the blu e cig starter kit and I want to buy the premium 100 cartridges to make it last longer. Will it fit/work?

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Answer by Roger
yes it will fit.

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Electric Cigarette Brands – Choosing The Best Digital Cigarette – Smoke Devoid Of Fire

The smokeless cigarette has been online for several years and it’s these days seeing increased popularity as being a possible alternative for typical cigarette smoking. Some controversy continues around the electronic cigarette as being utilized as a stop smoking aid or Nicotine Replacement Therapy product, nonetheless its usefulness as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes is apparent. The dependency of tobacco cigarette smoking has many levels with it. In addition to the physical habit forming properties of nicotine, the smoker has also the psychological addiction perhaps even emotional habitual patterns to cope with. For the first time in history there is now a tool that will address the complexities of cigarette smoking addiction as well as health concerns that accompany it.

The electric cigarette is just like a normal cigarette in the manner that it may be used. Appearance and feel are strikingly identical along with the actions involved with smoking an actual cigarette. So many people are attached to with how cigarettes feel in their hands along with the actions of using them hence the electronic cigarette does very well at simulating this experience for tobacco smokers. At first the e cig was actually awkward although the later generations for the electronic cigarette have advanced into better practical user friendly units. No longer cumbersome or even inconsistent of its quality, the electronic cigarette now can provide its users a far more refined simulated cigarette smoking experience compared to before.

Nicotine is alleged to be about the most addictive chemicals in existence. You can merely imagine why the habit of using tobacco probably be tough to stop. Those who use the the electronic cigarette have the choice of using it with or without having nicotine. That very effective function could control the strength of nicotine created by the e cigarette and can be used to progressively decrease the amount of nicotine your body obtains over time. Much like what the nicotine patch does however the electronic cigarette also mimics the action of smoking cigarettes, consequently reducing the fidgeting involved with being without a cigarette in your hand.

Considering the electric cigarette does not have the identical issues as normal ones in the manner that it does not develop tobacco smoke. Amongst the issues of using usual cigarettes will be second hand smoke. With all the current scientific evidence of tobacco smoke being unsafe to the health, cigarette smokers appear to have been fairly shunned of the practice of smoking cigarettes in public areas for good reason. The electronic cigarette won’t create smoke in the conventional sense and its release of water vapour is definitely benign so it would not present health threats like smoking cigarettes can.

The electric cigarette has several advantages over its standard tobacco cigarette equal. The principle ones actually being a more healthy option with respect to normal cigarette smoking and also as a practical technique to stopping smoking entirely. As the engineering with the electronic cigarette becomes more modern and the studies substantiates its inherent safety regarding ones health, we’re going to no doubt begin to see the use as well as advocacy for the electronic cigarette become stronger in time.

Thompson is a writer for the on-line magazine newsletter the “e-cig Times”

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