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​О​​п​​и​​с​​а​​н​​и​​е ​к ​и​​г​​р​​а​​м ​и ​п​​р​​и​​л​​о​​ж​​е​​н​​и​​я​​м ​п​​о​​к​​у​​п​​а​​л​​о​​с​​ь ​в​​с​​е ​н​​а ​б​​и​​р​​ж​​е, ​ч​​а​​с​​т​​ь ​к​​о​​п​​и​​р​​а​​й​​н​​г ​ч​​а​​с​​т​​ь ​р​​е​​р​​а​​й​​т​​и​​н​​г. ​Н​​и​​ж​​е 95 % ​у​​н​​и​​к​​а​​л​​ь​​н​​о​​с​​т​​и ​т​​е​​к​​с​​т​​о​​в ​н​​е​​т​​у. ​П​​р​​и​​м​​е​​р​​н​​о 60 ​н​​а 40 ​с​​о​​о​​т​​н​​о​​ш​​е​​н​​и​​е ​к​​о​​п​​и​​р​​а​​й​​т​​и​​н​​г​​а ​к ​р​​е​​р​​а​​й​​т​​и​​н​​г​​у.
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​А ​е​​с​​л​​и ​к​​о​​п​​и​​р​​о​​в​​а​​н​​и​​е ​р​​а​​з​​р​​е​​ш​​е​​н​​о, ​т​​о ​м​​о​​ж​​н​​о ​с​​п​​и​​с​​а​​т​​ь​​с​​я ​с ​а​​в​​т​​о​​р​​о​​м ​и ​п​​о​​п​​р​​о​​с​​и​​т​​ь ​г​​о​​т​​о​​в​​ы​​й ​т​​е​​к​​с​​т ​и ​п​​а​​р​​с​​е​​р ​н​​е ​п​​о​​н​​а​​д​​о​​б​​и​​т​​с​​я.
​С​​л​​е​​в​​а ​н​​а​​п​​р​​а​​в​​о: ​п​​о​​м​​и​​д​​о​​р, ​п​​е​​р​​е​​ц, ​м​​о​​р​​к​​о​​в​​к​​а, ​к​​л​​ю​​к​​в​​а, ​г​​р​​у​​д​​и​​н​​к​​а.

​с​​к​​а​​ч​​а​​т​​ь ​а​​й​​т​​ю​​н​​с ​б​​е​​с​​п​​л​​а​​т​​н​​о ​п​​о​​с​​л​​е​​д​​н​​я​​я ​в​​е​​р​​с​​и​​я
​с​​к​​а​​ч​​а​​т​​ь directx 9.0 c ​б​​е​​з ​с​​м​​с
​м​​у​​з​​ы​​к​​а ​д​​л​​я ​ш​​к​​о​​л​​ь​​н​​и​​к​​о​​в ​с​​к​​а​​ч​​а​​т​​ь ​б​​е​​с​​п​​л​​а​​т​​н​​о

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3​​д ​и​​н​​с​​т​​р​​у​​к​​т​​о​​р 2 0 ​с​​к​​а​​ч​​а​​т​​ь ​т​​о​​р​​р​​е​​н​​т
​с​​к​​а​​ч​​а​​т​​ь rookiez is punk d in my world

Q&A: Are zero nicotine electronic cigarettes still dangerous, to a non-smoker?

Question by Asker: Are zero nicotine electronic cigarettes still dangerous, to a non-smoker?
Soo, I would like to enjoy the feel of smoking, without actually smoking and having the dangerous side effects of a real cigarette w/ nicotine. I don’t want to get addicted by the way. So I’ve recently started using 0% Nicotine e-cigs, and I wanted to know if they still contain nicotine, are they addictive, and will they damage my health. Apparently zero nicotine e-cigs just contain heated water vapor? Please don’t judge me or criticize, I just need to know so I can know whether to quit or if it’s safe to continue.

Best answer:

Answer by Nancy Bee
its not water vapour, its propyl glycol.
human lungs are designed to
breathe in air, and only air;
anything else is harmful.
Ecigs contain toxic and
synthetic chemicals, thats why
they remain banned in many countries. Just because they
are legal, doesnt mean they
are safe.
Educate urself so that u can
make an informed decision: http://e-cigarettedangers.com/


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Using Electronic Cigarette Refills for E-Cigarettes

<img alt="e cigarette refills" src="http://ecigcapecoral.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/d5c464dcde_9bf10-e-cigarette-refills-2405733162-5f2eb52af9-m.jpg” width=”160″ />
by hellabella

Are you interested to try a different kind of cigarette that does not harm your health? You should try smokeless cigarettes because of the benefits these offer you. Electronic cigarette refills are ideal to use, unlike tobacco cigarettes. You will love the fact that the cigarette does not contain harmful chemicals. smokeless cigarettes are modern smoking devices that you should definitely try. These e-cigarette kits are not expensive; you can purchase one of these without blowing up your meager budget.

These are a few of your possible questions about the electronic cigarette refills.

1. What is great about smokeless cigarettes?
smokeless cigarettes are ideal to use because these contain safe chemicals that will not harm your health. The e-juice typically uses safe ingredients such as glycerin and propylene glycol. These chemicals will not harm your body. Hence, you do not face the risk of getting seriously sick when you use electronic cigarette refills.  You can smoke without worrying about the effects of the cigarette to your health. Unlike the tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarette refills are truly harmless and much better to use than tobacco cigarettes.

2. Where is the best place to purchase smokeless cigarettes?
Electronic cigarette refills use the e-juice, which contains the flavor and strength of the cigarette. The e-juice makes the smokeless cigarettes -healthy to use. You can purchase this type of cigarette in any cigarette store, whether online or in the mall. cig kits are widely available in any cigarette store. However, one cigarette store may not have the brand that you prefer.

Hence, check out different stores in malls that offer a variety of these cigarettes.

3. Can I purchase electronic cigarette refills at online store?
Yes, you can purchase the smokeless cigarettes online. In fact, it is much easier to purchase this type of cigarettes online because of the convenience in shopping. Hence, you can experience the benefits of the e-juice when you purchase the cigarettes. The e-juice in the cigarette will definitely do wonders to your health.

4. Why is the e-juice an important component of the electronic cigarette?
The e-juice is healthy to use because it contains harmless chemicals. The flavor that is found in the e-juice is truly amazing. You will love the variety of taste in it. In fact, you can choose from the different taste of the exciting flavors. Try the smokeless cigarettes now and experience the benefits these can bring you.

If you’re a smoker of <a target="_blank" href="http://ezinemark.com/goto.php?url=http://www.e-cigarette510.com/”>smokeless cigarettes, visit e-cigarette510.com to start buying all of your e-cig needs, such as <a target="_blank" href="http://ezinemark.com/goto.php?url=http://www.e-cigarette510.com/refill-cartridges/”>electronic cigarette refills and also different kinds of <a target="_blank" href="http://ezinemark.com/goto.php?url=http://www.e-cigarette510.com/e-juice/”>e-juice in varying strengths and flavors. Right now you can get two free bottles of e-juice with qualifying purchase, so stop by today to see what offers are available!

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Q&A: What stores can i go get cartridges for my apollo ecig mine are runnin out?

Question by michael w: What stores can i go get cartridges for my apollo ecig mine are runnin out?
just out of cartridges and dont know if i need to order more online or if i can just go to walmart or somethng

Best answer:

Answer by DrDave
You have a PC, you have internet, and you can’t even use a search box? I typed in apollo e cig and look what I found in less than 10 seconds?



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