What’s the best e-cigarette company in the world?

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by noodlepie

Question by ZHE: What’s the best e-cigarette company in the world?
I want to buy some e-cigarette,but i don’t know which kind of product is the best.

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Answer by Simon
I have used weecke tobacco vaporizer before, it is so nice, they are the third revolution of e-cigarette, i think you can have a try and hope it can help you.
their website : http://www.weecke.com

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Anyone used Desire Ecig before?

Have any of you guys used Desire Ecig? I was just about to place an order but..the prices seem like half of what they are at other places so I’m kinda getting a “this is probably too good to be true” vibe. Are there cheap knockoffs of this kinda stuff that you have to worry about? Thanks all


Vapor Shots – Liquid Nicotine Solutions for e-Liquid – DIY Price List

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Nicotine liquid Solutions (Base):

  • 36mg/ml
    • 60ml – $5.99
    • 120ml – $9.99
    • 250ml – $16.99
  • 48mg/ml
    • 60ml – $6.99
    • 120ml – $11.99
    • 250ml – $21.99
  • 60mg/ml
    • 60ml – $7.99
    • 120ml – $13.59
    • 250ml – $25.99
  • 100mg/ml
    • 60ml – $12.99
    • 120ml – $22.99
    • 250ml – $42.99


  • 60ml – $2.25
  • 120ml – $3.92
  • 250ml – $7.07

All products are in stock and ready to ship.

We’ve started adding artificial flavorings to our inventory of Concentrated Flavors and now have TPA (FA) Dekang Tobacco Base & RY4 available alongside our All natural extracts flavor concentrates. If there is something you want us to carry before we get to it in our list, please let us know.

Dekang & RY4 by TPA (FA):

  • 10ml – $2.59
  • 30ml – $5.15
  • 60ml – $7.52
  • 120ml – $12.95

As always, Shipping in the USA is FREE if your order is over $75.00 (applies to <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy products only.)

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