slowly going back to vaping – by: Constantine

So here it is, about four or five months that i have been on the cigarettes and decided a few days ago i would take my head out of the sand to see what was new in the world of e-cig‘s…….all i can say is DAMN……just goes to show how fast paced the vaping world is……i mean i am reading about $99 hybrids, and how most are moving are from rebuilds, etc etc… i am blowing the dust off a purple stardust {version two…..the replaceable head kind}, a few kanger’s and a agr tank and two 18650 ego batteries…..:|

what has me at the worst loss is the {one} popular A&W root beer is slipping away to never be…seems the same with watermelon and black cherry as well……..

With three of my all day vapes disappearing anyone have a suggestion {or more} on what could be some decent all day vape flavors?