Re: Samples WITH or WITHOUT NIC? What do you think? – by: Go4Smoke

[quote="jester8881" post=3281]I completely disagree I believe when you’re sampling flavors that 0mg is the best. I say this because:
1) the lower nic level the more flavor
2) there are a lot of people out there that are on lower nic levels and if they are sampling things that are to high nic levels they won’t be able to test but 1 or 2 flavors before they start getting the nic headache
3) you are sampling flavors you are not actually vaping[/quote]

Yep i agree 0mg

Customers sample our e-liquids in our shops we always give them 0mg Nic its our policy. It is quite interesting though as when the juice is tested the customer afterwards can sometimes say i feel dizzy have you given me too much Nic ? then of course our response the liquid is 0mg 🙂 This could of been because you have just inhaled a e-cig for the first time in your life and started to choke making you dizzy though we warn not to inhale all at once its like when you first start smoking and you start choking it takes a few days to get used to vaping though most customers get right used to vaping straight away with-out the first initial cough.

Yes high Vg and 0mg seem to enhance the flavor this could be of course because your not thinking of throat hit with a more smooth vape gel better together.

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