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Hey guys, I just decided to switch over from V2 to Clearette and wanted to hear what you guys thought of Clearette. I am quite fascinated by how user friendly and relaxing smoking e-cigs are. It has a very good taste to it and helps me get things done when I am sitting at my office desk. I was debating if smoking e-cigs would be a good substitute for regular cigarettes. I thought it would be a tough transition but it couldn​​’t have been easier. I can control the amount of nicotine I take in which is a nice luxury to have.
[url=​]cigarette[/url]is a very reliable and dependable product. All you need to do is go to and choose from the different options available. There is free shipping and all of the items listed are at a very reasonable price. Let me know what you guys think.
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What is the best e- cig?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has been using clearette. I just stopped using blu I just really did not like the taste at all. I picked up a Clearette online just poking around on some other brands. I have to tell you, this product is pretty solid and is now my top choice for electric cigs.

Bottom line, I tried them all and found my home for a e cig brand that I can trust. Let me know what you guys think.