Protect Your Bubble Shares its Guide to DC for Cherry Blossom Festival

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 14, 2013

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. is one of the finest in the nation. Protect Your Bubble, travel insurance brand and, has a list of five great travel tips to make this vacation one to remember for a good, long while.

Future of E-Cigarettes in Question on European Crackdown

Future of ECigarettes in Question on European Crackdown
Poor Comparison. Adrian Everett, chief executive officer of closely held Zandera, says e-cigarettes should be viewed as a tobacco alternative, not a smoking-cessation tool. He objects to drawing parallels with the real thing. “To compare electronic …
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ECigarettes Gain Steam, But Health Experts Wary It Could Serve As 'Gateway
As Adrian Everett, chief executive of Britain's leading e-cigarette company E-Lites put it in a comment to Reuters: "Comparing electronic cigarettes to tobacco is like comparing playing football to juggling live hand grenades." BIG KILLER While the …
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No smoke, plenty of fire fuels ecigarettes
As Adrian Everett, chief executive of Britain's leading e-cigarette company E-Lites put it in a comment to Reuters: "Comparing electronic cigarettes to tobacco is like comparing playing football to juggling live hand grenades." Graphic on e-cigarettes …
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Smart Education and Learning Market to Reach $220.0 Billion by 2017 – New Report by MarketsandMarkets

(PRWEB) June 22, 2013

According to a new market research report “Smart Education and Learning Market: Advanced Technologies, Digital models, Adoption Trends and Worldwide Market Forecast (2012 2017)”, published by MarketsandMarkets, the Global Smart Education and Learning market is expected to reach $ 220.0 billion by 2017 at a CAGR of 20.3% from 2012 to 2017.


100 Market Tables
In-depth Table of Content on Smart Education and Learning Market”

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Smart Education consists of a wide range of technologies that are used to convert traditional education systems into automated virtual learning environment through web based courses, assessment materials, online tutoring, professional development, and data management systems. Smart Education technology will speed the processes of providing curriculum, communicating with and managing the education communities. These technologies comprise of software such as educational ERP to disruptive technologies such as LMS and LCMS. Interactive whiteboards and simulation based learning hardware are also included within the ambit of this smart education market report.

Report categorizes the Global Smart Education Market on the basis of products, learning modes, applications, geography.

On the basis of learning modes:

Self-paced e-learning
Virtual classrooms & webinars
Mobile learning,
Collaboration based learning,
Social learning,
Simulation based learning, and
Game based learning.

On the basis of products:

Services, and

On the basis of applications:

Higher education
Enterprise/business education
Healthcare, and

On the basis of geography:

North America
Asia-Pacific, and
ROW region

The smart education market is expected to increase from $ 73.8 billion in 2011 to $ 220.0 billion by 2017, showing a CAGR of 20.3%, from 2012-2017. Services segment accounted for maximum revenue in the products market with $ 24.6 billion in 2011, and is estimated to reach $ 97.9 billion by 2017 with a CAGR of 26.6%, from 2012 to 2017. Content segment is estimated to be $ 72.9 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 12.1%, from 2012 to 2017. Software is estimated to reach $ 37.2 billion and hardware with the least market share is estimated to reach $ 12.1 billion in 2017.

The major global buyer segment includes higher education course providers, PreK-12, enterprise or business education providers, health care and government.

Companies such as Ellucian, Inc. (U.S.), Smart Technologies (U.S.), Blackboard Inc. (U.S.), and Kaplan Inc. (U.S.)., Educomp Solutions Ltd. (India), NIIT Limited (India), Promethean World Plc (United Kingdom), Pearson PLC (United Kingdom), and Informa Plc (Switzerland) are key market players. Companies like Abode, Trivantis and TechSmith provide course authoring and tools for converting content into digital format, as well as screen capturing software essential in preparation of video contents.

The report provides in-depth analysis of various modes of learning such as collaboration based learning, social learning, simulation based learning, mobile learning etc., as well as emerging trends in smart education across geographies.

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Ignite E-Cig Has No Smell

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Check out for Free E Cigarette Trial Information and e-cigarette Trial Reviews. We talk about everything in the Ecigarette world, and …

Check out for Free E Cigarette Trial Information and e-cigarette Trial Reviews. We talk about everything in the Ecigarette world, and …
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V2 Cigs, Top-Rated Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, Innovates with EX Blanks …

V2 Cigs, TopRated Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, Innovates with EX Blanks
V2 Cigs, Top-Rated Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, Innovates with EX Blanks Reusable Cartridges. Leading online e-cigarette guide and review site features V2 Cigs, which has earned the best rating among e-cigarettes for 4 …
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Los Angeles, CA — (SBWIRE) — 06/21/2013 — As craze of electronic cigarettes is on spike, reviews are considered as an important thing which provides all known information about e cigarettes., one of the best e cig reviews website holds …
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Electronic Cigarettes

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by Denni Schnapp

Electronic Cigarettes or E Cigarette is the best avant-garde cyber banking smoker best for cigarette users. It is actual advantageous electronics accessory to advice cigarette users to stop habits of smoking. Cyber banking Cigarette is the aforementioned as aboriginal cigarette in attending and feel, but E Cigarette vaporizes nicotine aqueous accepted as e-liquid into a tar free, and odorless vapour in abode of afire tobacco and bearing smoke. It produced vapour automatically through anniversary animation and vapour is the aforementioned as smoke of absolute cigarettes. You will get absolute acquaintance of smoke from Cigarette and already activated will appearance a red led ablaze at the end.

Electronic cigarettes are a aboriginal band acknowledgment to abandonment the demon tobacco edger and endlessly the assimilation of poisonous chemicals and insecticides which are by articles from afire tobacco in cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

Electronic cigarettes are abased on nicotine actuality inhaled from the tiny atomizer congenital into the cyberbanking cigarettes; about that is area the affinity ends back comparing cyber banking cigarettes to accustomed tobacco abounding cigarettes.

Stopping the baleful addiction of smoker cigarette or tobacco articles charge not be the affliction it has been for ancestors of smokers in the past; cyberbanking cigarettes accredit smokers to accomplish the difficult and somewhat agonizing alteration from smoker approved tobacco articles and the debilitating ancillary furnishings and abandonment affection to a artefact that elicits all the pleasures of smoker after the inherent dangers.

Electric cigarettes are a socially adequate another to smoker approved tobacco articles because there is no smoke generated; accordingly there is no smoke aroma blind in the air, neither are non smokers about or in the actual around attenuated with the abhorrent aroma and acid afire awareness in their eyes, and neither is there a crisis from what is frequently referred to as acquiescent smoking.

All in all, electric cigarettes are a safe another to approved tobacco articles in as abundant that none of the baleful chemicals or compounds are captivated into the body.Electric cigarettes assignment by vaporizing a baby bulk of aqueous nicotine which gives the acceptable activity acquired from smoking, but none of the abominable ancillary furnishings associated with smoker absolute tobacco articles such as decrepit teeth, abhorrent smelling breath, emphysema, blight of the lungs, aperture and throat and at worst, a continued and aching apathetic death.

You don’t accept inappropriate acumen to access cyberbanking smoker cigarettes.

Abounding bodies accommodate not any toxins, you can absolutely effluvium everywhere and in accession they are abundant added affordable in allegory to approved cigarettes. Bodies additionally will not accept to advice accent about smelling including effluvium in accession to trashing ones clothes, abode or maybe agent close surface. Why don’t we face the item, accepted cigarettes can absolutely accept abounding cost, decidedly back bodies accede every one of the bearded . prices including such. Appropriate now bodies absolutely can absolutely booty amusement in the joy affiliated with cigarettes chargeless of some of the continued ancillary effects. In case you are sole in accession to in look of accession to date, with the e cigarette smoker bodies shouldn’t get advised to be a smoker afficionado. This accumulating affiliated with allowances goes on and on and you will best acceptable accede abundant yourself.

People could possibly be cerebration about aggravating cyberbanking smoker cigarettes with the actual aboriginal time or maybe you would possibly accept already a brace of. Either way, you possibly can save yourself money by agency of advertent this appropriate cyberbanking cigarette smoker website. I concluded up extenuative aloof about 40 bucks aloft the primary amateur set by agency of advantageous for the account on the net in accession to WHEN I will activate to advance in the cyberbanking cigarette smoker food at this time there, aloof like refills in accession to eliquid.

Albertson is an expert author for Electronic Cigarettes.

Time to Quit Smoking Syracuse! Summer is a Perfect Time to Breathe Easy at Alternative Hypnosis

Syracuse, NY (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

Imagine a time, imagine the day, when the weather becomes completely comfortable the breeze, the warmth of the sun, the family and friends that share the sunny days with you, and yikes! It would be easy to imagine without the need to suck on a cigarette every fifteen minutes, embarrassing yourself and those who love you in public.

Director Joshua Kirnie invites you to quit smoking at Alternative Hypnosis, a clinic in East Syracuse that offers more than just smoking cessation and weight-loss programs for smooth lifestyle transitions through easy, non-invasive means. Alternative Hypnosis is accepting qualified new clients into the programs that will allow for easy, life-long change into healthy people free of the bondage to dangerous habit.

Right now there is a perfect opportunity to quit smoking Syracuse and to do it for you, Kirnie said. Men and women in the Syracuse area are forced inside, hiding from the foul weather and left to their own bad habits habits that can be worsened by stressful jobs, families and sub-par sleep habits. As the weather clears, you dream about healthy lifestyles, dropping the smell, dropping the embarrassment that comes with the dangerous urges to smoke, and clear your head of stress and anxiousness. Now you have the opportunity to do just that quit smoking, lose weight, de-stress, changes that will last for life, allowing yourself to free yourself of scrutiny and health problems completely. If you prove hypnotizable, and are accepted into a program, you will experience hypnosis that can access the things you need that exist inside you to create a healthy body image maintainable from now into the distant future.

Not everyone is hypnotizable; if creating a compelling future to stop smoking sounds like something that you can believe in, regardless of your schedule or what else is going on in your life, then you can call today and schedule a free consultation. Remember: hypnosis that doesnt work is no bargain. Hypnosis that promotes life-long change is a bargain at any price.

About Alternative Hypnosis:

Alternative Hypnosis is the oldest hypnosis clinic in the Syracuse area, residing in Onondaga County for over 42 years. Director Joshua Kirnie is a certified hypnotist and neuro-linguist with a clinic in East Syracuse, NY. As a stop smoking and weight loss hypnotist, he specializes in helping people with unhealthy habits, chronic health problems and limiting personal beliefs. In addition, he emphasizes the creation of a compelling future for every client he works with.

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