T3 for Volt X2 from Smokeless Image – by: TinaF1971

My T3 came in today that I ordered for my Volt X2. I filled it, put it on my battery, and started vaping it. Was quit saddened that it’s quite an airy draw. My husband was envious of it, so I’m going to let him have it.

Waiting on some Cheesecake eliquid from ECBlends and Strawnana from EliteVaporWorks.

Tomorrow I’m stopping by a brick and mortar store near Milwaukee, WI. I have to go up there for an appointment, anyhow, so I figured I’d go looking for some vape supplies and eliquid.

Just found this site! – by: TinaF1971

This is great! Something different from ECF! Excellant! I just signed up today and am checking it out. So far it looks good.

My name is Tina, born and raised in the central Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area. I am 42 years old, have been married seven years, and have no children. My husband and I are happy with our zoo of furbabies. We have three cats, two dogs, and a guinea pig. I take online college courses, part-time, so it takes away from my social networking. I really hate when that happens. 👿 I enjoy social networking. I have accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, a private LiveJournal, and a website, even. The website and blogger are more for my weight loss, as I had weight loss surgery back in February this year. I game a little bit, but mostly recreational games. I’m not really into the popular games. My husband started hogging the XBOX 360 to play Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, so I bought my own XBOX 360 for the bedroom. I also like photography, but am not the best at it. I’ve always had a camera as early as I can remember and my goal was to be a photographer. Things didn’t work out as planned and I ended up working in fast food and then factories. I am currently on disability and have been the last 12 years.

Not much else to say about myself. I am pretty boring. :silly:

Re: e-cigarette-forum.com and nu-vapor.com are… – by: TinaF1971

Wow! I am so sorry that happened to all of you on ECF. I tend to stick around the smokeless Image subforum over there. I love their products. I got in trouble by Classwife for starting another account that I was hoping my husband would use. He’s too busy with his video games to spend any time online, though. I didn’t care for the newbie section. I mainly just welcomed the new members and got my required posts in by doing so. I hated asking questions there, as most wanted me to start out with ego‘s or mods and I wasn’t interested in something that big, at the time.

I started out with the V2 ecigs as they were the size I wanted. I did some research on ECF and found the Volt from SI. Fell in love with them and have been using them as my main batteries. I did get an ego-T, eventually, but got tired of all the problems I had with the atomizers. Always having to clean them every time I changed the flavor and the wick was either up too high or down too low. Nope, not for me. Although, I’ve recently found out about the Kanger Protank, which will fit my ego batteries. I am ordering it, tomorrow, if I don’t find it at the vapor shop my hubby and I are going to visit. Also found a Chinese vendor that sells clearomizers pretty cheap, so I might give them a try. If they’re duds, then I won’t be out too much money and I’ll have learned my lesson. The Volts are great, but my favorite eliquids tend to crack polycarbonate and I have yet to find something to fit on the 808‘s that won’t crack. I have cartomizers, but they suck, in my opinion. Clearomizers give me a better vape.

Anyway, I’m just rambling on. I just signed up today and am getting used to navigating around this place. B)