help with trident rba and ss mortar v2

I am a regular vapor but i have only used the basic ego batteries and a double barrel smoke tek with 2 1.5 cartos. well i decided to step up my level in the vaping world and went all out and ordered the ss mortar v2 and a trident atomizer from the Philippines. well i got my order in today and after about an hour of learning all the different ways you can twist it i hooked up my wicks i ordered online. i put my battery in and dripped juice onto the wick only to get a nasty metaly oil taste and i decided to retry and put a new wick on and same thing. i made sure the coils are spaced out but it seems that when i fire it the coils move closer together. i am at a loss and all the help i can get on how to work this thing propperly will be greatly appreciated. the one thing i want to stick with is a cotton style wick.

MEPs to Give Reviews on Best Electronic Cigarette Says

MEPs to Give Reviews on Best Electronic Cigarette Says
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Are all e cigarette cartridges the same, can you use them on diffrent brands?

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by insidious_plots

Question by Mr. Who?: Are all e cigarette cartridges the same, can you use them on diffrent brands?
Are all e cigarette cartridges the same?
I bought a e cig online at the only down fall is that it came with no nicotine cartridges! So that sucks. The brand is Health-E cigarette. Anyways, can I use the cartridges from smoke Everywhere, they have a shop at my mall. So I can jst go to the mall and buy them instead of ordering it online and waiting for it to get here?

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Answer by webcamgirls69
No not all e-cigarette cartridges are the same. I cannot find a picture of the e-cigarette that you have so I am not sure if the smokeeverywhere cartridges will work for you.

If they look like the cartridges that are shown on the page below.

Then the Njoy cartridges might work for you.

Some electronic cigarette cartridges are interchangable but there is no design that is used across the market. They all sort of do their own thing.

If you check out the site below you might find something that resembles the cartridges that your e-cigarette uses. Just browse around. There are quite a few pictures on the site and they cover quite a few of the different brands of electronic cigarettes.

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Wholesale E-Cig: A Cost-Effective Way of Buying Cigarettes

As we all know that electronic cigarettes are gaining huge popularity from the people all over the world. It is because of its good advantages that help the smokers to quit smoking easily and quickly. This gadget is one of the effective tools in the market that is allowing the smokers to reduce or remove their smoking habit. Today, they have become very user friendly rather than ordinary ones. By using this cigarette, you will feel the same taste of tobacco that you feel in your traditional one. But the only safer side is that it does not contain the same elements that are present in the ordinary one. These are the elements that can easily harm your body from various cancer causing diseases. But, by using the electronic cigarette, you can protect your body from these dangerous diseases. But, still the question arises from where we cam buy them.

Well, you can easily buy electronic cigarettes at whole sale prices. Wholesale e-cig products are available on internet from where you can easily buy them. These cigarettes include a fitted power battery, an atomizer along with a renewable nicotine container that allow the smokers to hold and smoke the cigarette easily. It is the nicotine container which proves to be as effective as cartridge and are made available in various strengths. The strengths allow the smokers to reduce the amount of nicotine that they intake until they wish. There are several cartridge strengths that include standard, normal as well as low or no nicotine. As we know that electronic cigarette do not transmitte any kind of dangerous substances, so the toxins and real smoke are completely legal to smoke in any of the public places.

It is the good option for the smokers to use electronic cigarette for smoking as it will help you to smoke in a decent and peaceful way.

These cigarettes look like ordinary cigarettes but their functions are different from it. You will even feel the same taste without burning the tobacco. When you inhale the cigarette, a flow censor will releases a water vapor that contains nicotine, propylene glycol with a scent that shows the flavor of tobacco. This simply means that electronic cigarettes allow you to get your nicotine fix while at the same time avoiding dangerous elements that are found in normal cigarettes. Now, it has become possible for the smokers to buy electronic cigarettes at wholesale rates. smokers can buy wholesale e-cig at their local shops.

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How to do you like electric cigarettes?

Question by AnswersRme: How to do you like electric cigarettes?
I am considering switching over to electric cigarettes. I was wondering a couple of things. First if you have tried them what are your thoughts? Did you like them? Are they “just like cigarettes” like they claim? What are the pros and cons of the actual experience (not what I can just read about on the internet but first hand experience) Second if I switch I am considering the Gamucci brand or the Cigarti brand. Have you tried either of these brands and if so what did you like/dislike about them? Thanks!

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Answer by answer_answer
I have mine for 2 months, and I love it. I cut down on “real” cigarettes a lot. The vapor is not as strong as real cigs, so I smoke about two a day. Some do look like cigarettes, some come in colors.

The pros are just too many to name. but leading off is
you get to stop bringing tar into your lungs and all the other harmful chemcials that cigarettes contain.

I don’t bother my neighbors with my smoke from apartment. In short, I can’t do without mine.

The cons for me is that you do crave a real cigarette from time to time. You have to “charge” it for a couple of hours before you can smoke it, so make sure that you have a back up battery. You can also run into mechancial problems, like the charger not working. So make sure you order extras. You have to reorder the filters (nicotine) about once a week. they cost appx 10.00. and last for about 3-4 packs according to how much you smoke.

You really have to monitor the amount of nicotine you smoke, because that’s what you will be smoking. You don’t want to get sick from it , as some people have. So you can’t smoke it like a normal cig, because normal cigs, have other chemicals along with nicotine.

Electric cigs you are smoking pure nicotine. so be careful.
I used vaporcigs and then switched to Smokinganywhere. I like them.
The newest models are the two part ecigs, the three parts are phasing out. (filter,atomizer,battery)

amazon has smoking anywhere.

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