Do you DIY?

I’m curious what the percentage of vapers are that actually consider themselves <a href="”>diy‘ers. You can consider yourself one if you do anything more to your e-liquid other than just opening a pre-mixed bottle and vaping it.

Do you add menthol, more PG, more VG? Do you create your own recipes and have your master e-liquid cookbook from which you mix your super-secret-ninja squirrel concoctions?

If you buy all the individual components and mix them together or if you just add one thing, you are a <a href="”>diy‘er.

I’m definitely in the <a href="”>diy class… what about you?


Famous Smoke Shop Adds Tommy ZMan Zarzecki as Official Cigar Mouthpiece

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Easton, PA (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Famous smoke Shop is the nations #1 discount retailer of online cigars, providing smokers with the webs best cigar selection, expert customer service, competitive pricing, and a wide variety of special offers and ways to buy cigars. The company has engaged the services of Tommy Zarzecki, better known to his followers as ZMan, under the title Official Cigar Mouthpiece.

Tommy ZMan has been involved in the cigar business for many years, as an author for Cigar Magazine, supporter of the Cigar Rights of America, through his social community CroMag Nation, and as a self-proclaimed cigar enthusiast. In addition to his cigar background, Zarzecki boasts an impressive marketing resume from over twenty years of operating his own marketing and branding firm.

Famous smoke Shop engaged Zarzeckis services with the goal him contributing to their robust marketing efforts. Some of his involvement will already be apparent to ZMan and Famous followings, with more developments coming in the future. Zarzecki will be involved in Famous smokes marketing campaigns in a variety of different ways, and both parties expect his contributions to enhance the companys already strong public image.

Im thrilled to be working with Famous smoke Shop, said Zarzecki when asked about the alliance. It is a perfect fit for me, their marketing efforts are already incredibly innovative, and the direction that they are going perfectly aligns with my desire to stay at the forefront of all things in the world of both cigars and marketing. I have an immense amount of respect for Famous as an American-owned, family owned business in an industry dominated by large international conglomerates. My desire to constantly push the envelope is a perfect match for their desire to constantly innovate and provide the webs premier shopping experience to smokers all over the country. Plus, I get to smoke cigars for a living how could I go wrong?

Famous smoke Shops VP of Operations Michael Vandenstockt was asked to comment on the partnership, and he said Were thrilled to have Tommy working with our organization. Weve been long-time fans of his work, his edgy no-holds-barred writing style, and unabashed love of cigars. Were looking forward to being exposed to Zarzeckis loyal fans, as well as providing his humor and expertise to our audience. The timing for both Tommy and Famous smokes was perfect, and we expect the results to be nothing short of the cutting-edge content we strive to deliver to our customers every day.

Zarzeckis radio spots are currently running on Sirius/XM radio, and he is scheduled to appear June 7th on the popular Ron & Fez show. More of Zarzeckis work has been and will be soon popping up in Famous smoke Shops marketing efforts.

People interested in learning more about Famous smoke Shop and Tommy ZMan Zarzecki should visit, sign up for their e-mail list, and check out Famouss Facebook page.

About Famous smoke Shop

Famous smoke Shop is the nations #1 discount retailer of premium cigars online, offering one of the largest selections of handmade cigars, machine-made cigars, cigar humidors and accessories. Famous offers the webs lowest prices on a wide selection of cigar brands including Acid, Macanudo, Romeo y Julieta, Ashton, Padron, Oliva and Perdomo cigars, and many more. Famous also offers a free monthly catalog and has been recognized as a Bizrate

Travel While Black and Never Go Back With a Travel Agent ID Card

(PRWEB) November 29, 2003

“Driving while Black” has become an increasingly well known phrase. It is used to describe the discrimination faced by African Americans due to racially biased enforcement of traffic laws in the US. “Traveling while Black” may be a somewhat more foreign concept to non-Blacks but many people of color immediately recognize the terminology. African-Americans have long suffered injustice due to racial profiling. Discrimination while traveling is an important issue for Blacks and non-whites. All people of color must be aware of the potential for racially motivated complications while traveling. Blacks

must also educate themselves and know how to diminish the potential for problems. Renaissance Travel Group’s ITA/CLIA Travel Agent, ID Card program shifts the power to Blacks making “Traveling While Black” a whole new experience.

Blacks must equip themselves with the tools and information that will make traveling a more rewarding and safe experience for themselves and their loved ones in these difficult times. Heightened security in this post-911 era is of course necessary. The problems associated with “Traveling While Black,” however, have increased along with these tightened security measures. Blacks can empower themselves to navigate through this difficult situation by exploring means of making themselves less vulnerable. Traveling with a certified travel agent ITA/CLIA ID card is a very effective way for Blacks to negate some

of the potential problems while traveling domestically and abroad. Blacks can travel safely and with relatively more ease with this type of inexpensive identification. Careful preparation, mindfulness and taking advantage of tools, tricks of the trade and special travel agent incentives, credentials and perks can position Blacks to enjoy the kind of travel experiences that many others have secretly enjoyed for years.

Whenever ordinary (oft times deficient) human beings are given power by a governing establishment, one can expect abuse. The best way to handle the abuse that will inevitably occur is to be prepared for it. Blacks can benefit by placing themselves in the most empowered and prepared position possible when traveling in the US and abroad. Blacks and their families can travel well, safely and securely with just a bit more preparation, planning and by an enhanced sense of

community even while traveling domestically and abroad. Black CEO Bibi Jarvis with Renaissance Travel Group, LLC endeavors to help Blacks become aware of the many things they can do to make traveling less hazardous, more enjoyable and substantially less expensive.

Here are some important tips and information that all African Americans and non-whites need to be aware of “Traveling while Black”:

1. Network With Your Community

Be sure that you are aware of what is going on with a particular airline, new security procedures and how Blacks are received

and being treated in various areas of the country and the world. Blacks should know what to expect when traveling to new places. Research the culture, openness to diverse visitors as well as the attitudes of law enforcement and security personnel. It is well worth the effort to ask around, communicate with Blacks who have already traveled or vacationed in the places you wish to visit. Be prepared. Connect with a Black travel agent and/or agency that can address your unique concerns and needs. Read as much as possible about the countries in which you plan to travel. Informing yourself about a nation’s history , culture, customs and politics will make your stay more meaningful and less troublesome. Such information can be found in

most libraries, bookstores and tourist bureaus. Although English is spoken in many countries, it is a good idea to learn what you can of the language of the country in which you will be traveling. Renaissance Travel Group agents are happy to provide brochures and tourist information about the countries that you wish to visit. Write with specific questions on the destination of your choice.

2. Select a Secure Hotel

Many US corporations have hotels abroad that are owned by local businessmen and staffed by local workers but managed by first class US hoteliers. You usually can expect levels of safety and security that are consistent with US standards. Renaissance Travel Group can provide a list of recommended hotels. Check with the Regional Security Officer at the US Embassy for a list of hotels utilized by officials visiting the area.

3. More Than Just a Passport is Needed When Traveling Abroad

Trouble-free traveling abroad requires a few other forms of identification along with a passport. For information on obtaining a passport contact: The Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs at Due to heightened security a passport may not be sufficient to get you smoothly through all check-points, procedures etc. Always have several forms of valid photo identification. An excellent enhancement to identification credentials when traveling while Black is an authentic travel agent’s ID ITA/CLIA card. It will identify you as a travel agent giving you the added benefit of status, VIP treatment while traveling and photo identification. Your Travel Agent ID card will also grant you financial advantages, discounts and deals that only travel agent’s are privy to. Look into getting this card under the ‘Independent Travel Agent’ section at: Keep your passport and ID cards with you at all times. The only time that you should relinquish it is to the hotel if required by law when registering or if you are required to identify yourself to local authorities for any reason.

4. Get the Lowest Fare Rates Available

Never search sites by hand looking for the best times and fares. It is impossible. There is a free software program called BoardingPass that searches over 200 sites instantly and will report back to you with the lowest fare available on the entire Internet with just one click. This saves you time and money and makes “Traveling while Black” an immensely more enjoyable experience. NBC News highlighted the free BoardingPass software on a news program about travel aired last year. To watch a clip of the NBC News report go to:

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