Broken Arrow Country Club Rebrands as The Club at Indian Springs

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

ISMG, LLC, the partnership who purchased Indian Springs Country Club in 2012, announced today the property has rebranded to The Club at Indian Springs, following an extensive strategic review. Along with the refreshed brand, new club logos, responsive website and social media engagement convey a balance between tradition-based and casual lifestyle needs.

“The updated Indian Springs brand and logo emulate improvements made at the club. Clean, fresh and forward thinking,” says GM Mark Barrett. “Families are busier than ever, and the formal nature of most country clubs has impeded their ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace. We intend to change that. In fact, we already have.”

Owners and management hope to redefine private membership clubs by addressing marketplace needs and changing demographics. Many families today enjoy an active sports-lifestyle with demanding schedules, where discretionary time and spending strike an equal balance. Indian Springs hopes to capitalize on this greater need for a family-centric club by creating a resort-like second home atmosphere with amenities and activities for everyone.

“With the multiple capital improvement projects completed and others underway, the club needed and deserved a brand makeover, said co-owner Ryker Young. Together, they reveal the future of Indian Springs by addressing the needs of current and future members, as well as, the marketplace.

To date, those capital improvements have eclipsed 1 million dollars, including extensive remodeling of the 38,000 square foot clubhouse with new flooring, fixtures and flat screen televisions throughout the property, fitness facility, climate controlled air-quality system and non-smoking club room at the Rivermill Pub, along with numerous furniture, kitchen and security systems upgrades. The grounds have also enjoyed a massive clean-up and improvements on both golf courses, including new bridge crossings, block retaining walls, water and sand stations, waterway corrections and rebuilt bunkers to improve drainage and playability. Other improvements encompass fresh, property-wide landscaping, interior and exterior painting, an outdoor cigar lounge, entry-gate controllers and a recycling program.

Planned and ongoing improvements include Champion Bermuda Greens on the Windmill Course in July and a new cart fleet in 2014. All ten outdoor tennis courts will be resurfaced by the end of April with pool areas receiving surface upgrades and new furniture in May.

On Saturday, April 20th, Indian Springs is holding an Open House Event from 11 AM to 2 PM. The public is invited, and families are welcome to visit and tour the property. Prospective members are eligible for prizes including golf, tennis and membership packages.

About The Club at Indian Springs

Featuring two beautiful 18-hole courses, which include the George Fazio designed River Course and Don Sechrest Windmill Course, Indian Springs encompasses over 400 acres of beautiful topography in Broken Arrow, OK. Tennis lovers enjoy one of the leading programs in the state with 10 lighted and four indoor tennis courts. Combined with three swimming facilities, including an Olympic-sized pool and renovated 38,000 square foot clubhouse, our family-friendly amenities offer something for everyone in an environment that inspires comfort and relaxation so youll feel right at home. Come play at Indian Springs.

For more information, visit

Press inquiries contact: jd(dot)sanders(at)ftgmedia(dot)com, 214-295-5087

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