Kanger issue

I have a couple of Kanger MT3’s that I bought locally. These are the ones with the smooth shaft. I just got another MT3 today in the mail and this one has a spoke style shaft. I also got a new EVOD.

All of these tanks seem to work fine until they get to about 1/4 way to the bottom. Then the gurgling starts and my batteries get flooded.

I can usually solve by removing the head, wiping it down real good, and adding more juice. I have learned to not draw real hard so as to avoid this.

Am I doing something wrong here?

I am mainly using 70/30 juice


Refilling ZAP problem

Hello all, I’m having a problem refilling my ZAP. when I put the needle tip in the filling hole and start to squeeze juice in, juice comes up the wick and makes a heck of a mess. I can eventually get the tank full, but waste just as much out the top of the wick as I put in. Any tips or tricks?

thanks in advance!

Pancake’s Vapes.

Greetings everybody. I have decided to join in the vaping review world with my first video review. It’s kind of a basic info deal to help new or vape-curious people. I hope ya’ll like it and leave feedback in any way you like good or bad I can take it :D. In fact since I am new any advice or criticisms would probably be a big help. Thanks.

Spouse in nuckin futs, any suggestions?

Bought an NJOY about a month ago and haven’t had a butt since other than 1, piss drunk at 2AM last week in a justifiable drunken experiment…I wanted to see if people who said they tried a smoke after vaping were exaggerating when they say they couldn’t finish it. They’re not, I got half way through it and put it out. Any way, back to my nuckin futs other half. She’s been busting my chops about this ecig thing, saying I just have to quit anything out right. I told her I was considering an eRoll and cited the money saved, no smell on my breath or clothes, the fact I feel better etc. All I can say is she was yelling something at me as I shut down and did the typical male zone out and wait for their lips to stop moving and look away. I’m guessing that I’ll just do what I want and accept her occasional ridicule and lame threats to break it or throw it out. As the sole earner in the family I respond to that one with whatever, I’ll buy a better one with OUR money…I’m thinking of trading her in for a vaping hottie that’s not frigid, but she’s the mother of my children. Anyone got a better idea?

Newport Flavor

So, one of the things that brought me to a local shop was that they had a Newport flavor. After trying it, I was actually surprised to find that it was pretty spot on. The taste is very similar, I’d tried some other ‘menthol’ flavors and found they were just minty (which, don’t get me wrong, I love mint, but it’s not Newport). I bought myself a bottle and do like it a lot, but it does have a very menthol after-taste, but you get used to that after a little while.


Anyone else come across a good "Newport" flavor?