Suggestions for Next Buy

I’m looking to get a better setup with the batteries I’ve already got. Just got a 650 mAh ego Twist and I already had 2 ego-style Volcano batteries, one 650 and the other 1000.

I tried dripping on Volcanoes low-res atomizer, which I still like for taste testing. As far as an all day vape, I was using Volcano’s tube tank system, which works great, but I don’t like the idea of having to punch holes for higher VG content liquids.

So I moved on to Volcano’s clearomizers, which frankly suck imo. Then I inadvertently bought a CE4 knockoff from a head shop which I still use today. Since, I’ve gotten some authentic CE4s as well as a couple EVODs, which I really like (possibly the bottom coil).

But I’m looking for something new. I find the clearomizers can be messy – always seem to be wiping my battery post and/or gurgling. However, the clearos do give off good flavor and the ego Twist really helps with the throat hit.

I’m open to suggestions – cartos, other clearos, etc. Not really in the market for another battery, but I would like to evolve to some extent.

Thanks in advance.

Hangsen Flavorings 15% Off for 2 days! Plus new Hangsen flavors added

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CH, CH, Cherry Bomb…

…is the name of the brand new mini I just ordered.

I bet you can’t guess what color it is…lol

I have been vaping for ten weeks now and this will be my second ProV. The first one I got was the Satin Silver 2.5 full size. I have taken that thing with me everywhere I have gone in the last eight weeks. So I figured it was time to give it a companion and get the mini.

I did consider waiting and getting the polished mini, but the flat red coating was just calling my name, and I was weak and had to get it . It sure is a purrdy color. But at the rate of a ProV every five weeks, I might still be able to get the polished full size :toast:. Although the Black and the Bronze ones are looking mighty fine as well. I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to go broke soon :facepalm:. But I guess I can’t take the money with me anyway.

Oh and I do have a Vamo due to get here tomorrow, but I’m guessing it will stay in the bubble wrap and only be used if both of the Provari’s break at the same time (like that will ever happen :blink:).

Anyway thanks Provape for the awesome workmanship on these <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>APV‘s. You’ve got a customer in me for as long as I vape :headbang:

Blueberry Breeze now in stock.

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Blueberry Breeze: Find yourself blown away by this incredible berry flavor. We have crafted this e-liquid to taste just like a handful of fresh blueberries. Blueberry Breeze is a sweet tasting e-liquid with a slightly tart finish sure to please blueberry lovers.

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Just direct dripped for the 1st time!

While I’ve gotten the hang of cartomizers and ego batteries, I’ve never tried direct dripping. When I got my setup, I bought a kit that came with cartomizers and have never had just an atty to drip on. Anyhow, with my last order at litecigsusa, I picked up a cheap smoktech LR 510 atomizer and a drip tip. When it came in the mail today, I put three drops on the atty, threw my drip tip on, put a few more drops in, and boom! I got the most flavorful, nicotine laced vape ever! I actually caught a nicotine buzz! haha. Anyway, one thing I noticed, the flavor started to taste bad, so I tried to drip a few drips of a different flavor, but all I got was the first flavor again. Do I need to clean my atomizer? If so, how?

I’m a total dripper convert. Can I change my forum name to "Lerxst the Dripper"?

It’s funny.. In one month I’ve gone from analogs to cig-a-likes to ego and soon to be glorified flashlight (without the actual light unless you consider the readout). Anyway, after ordering some fluid and an atty from a vendor, I am a total ol’school atty convert. Here’s a pick of my current MONSTER mod! It even has a blue LED with five click off/on!

Noob needs help (again) this time with batteries

So through lots of trial and error I’ve landed on a setup that works very well for me. I have 2 ego 1100 mah batteries and more than a few Kanger T3 clearos (one for each flavor, all NETs) and am satisfied in all my vaping needs. But satisfied has never been enough for me. I just got a Kanger Pro Tank for home vaping, and of course I absolutely love it. That being said, I can’t help but feel like the batteries I have are not ideal for the Pro Tank (and I plan on buying at least one more). I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a VV ego twist for awhile now, but since the batteries I have now work fine with the clearos, I’m wondering if another ego style battery is truly ideal for tank systems.

To summarize, I am looking for recommendations for the right battery to buy for my home-vaping tank needs. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Roar tobacco sampler


I just wrote an entire post that got lost when the site asked me to log in again.
So I’ll summarize: The tobacco samplers are all completely unvapable. I was quite surprised considering all the reviews I read/watched. Poison reminded me of the generic, Chinese liquids with mock-cigarette names I was first introduced to in 2010. They are sickeningly sweet combined with that tell-tale ashtray smell that is lingering in my home a full 30 minutes after sampling. I’m so very upset. The other flavors (nutty tobacco, Jy4, J55, CigRoar) are all definitely based on Poison, so my reaction was identical: nausea.

I certainly don’t want to be rude, and I do recognize that tastes are subjective, but it’s difficult to believe that I’m so very different from the overwhelming consensus on the quality of these flavors. I am also skeptical that these could possibly be that amazing after x number of weeks steeping, since that ashtray odor won’t even leave my clothes.

I only explored outwards because Alien Visions has been so difficult to access recently.

PLEASE will someone take these off my hands as a trade for some Bobas, Gorilla, or something non-tobacco but not overly candy?


A battery decision! (Please help/Advice!) :D

So I’ve been thinking about trying out something a little bit more powerful then my adorable 1100mah ego King….
I’m trying to decide between a Povari and/or a Sigelei.
But I need actual input before I make the decision next month! Please gimme your personal experiences with either of these batts!
Maybe even suggestions for something else. I’m trying to keep it under $100US 😀
I’ve heard of people putting their e-liquid in the fridge. Would it be beneficial to do this, even when I’m still steeping? Just curious 😉