slight chest tightness after quitting e-cig/vaping ?

Hello everyone greetings from the Philippines! first of all I’d like to apologize for my English and I don’t know if this is the right section to post this.

Anyway I read somewhere that nicotine withdrawal includes slight chest tightness but most of them is because of cigarettes I think. Or is it the same with <a href="” target=”_blank”>e-cig/vapes ?

I quit <a href="!5144!” target=”_blank”>vaping for 4 days now and been experiencing some drowsiness and some chest tightness. If so how long this chest tightness normally last? (oh by the way I’m not coughing or anything.)

Anyway its been almost a year since I quit cigarettes (11 months) and transitioned to e-cigarette with no problem.

so I guess my questions are: is it normal to have chest tightness when you quit e-cig and how long does it normally last? Also the drowsiness how long does it normally last? its been 4 days and I’m kinda worried.

Why I quit?

Why I quit was because of my hypertension and decided to change some of lifestyle. I recently lost someone I know but not really a close friend but just an acquaintance due to heart attack and he is just 29 years old. It kinda served as a wake up call for me. the guy is relatively healthy and active. he just dropped dead one afternoon.

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Terminator Vs Genesis performance questions question

hi i’m contemplating adding a Terminator-C to me collection, but at $65 for something I do not know I’ll like I think I’ll ask people here for some feedback

I have an RSST, Couple AGAs, Vulcan, Phoenix, IGO-L & EVODs

ALL of them I have them running on SS Mesh, i think it gives me a much cleaner taste than silica

Also, I think than silica gulps up faster and I can started its burnt flavor much sooner than on a SS Wick

BUT, bringing my Genesis out or to bed is too much hurdle, now and then the leaking is too much (depending on how thick my wick was, etc). This is the reason why I’m contemplating a Term-C

I’d like to ask to you guys WHO OWN BOTH types of devices, is the flavor up to match or better on a Term-C than on a Genesis?

any info is appreciated

~ d

loose zap center post

I cleaned my zap under the tap. started wrapping a new coil and when I went to tighten tight the screw on the center post the whole center post turned. somehow my center post has come loose. I cant use my zap 🙁 when I screw it onto my provari the center post pops up and touches the cap. it doesn’t have any threads on it so do I tap it into place or glue it? please help I miss my zap 🙂

A big thank you to ecf and co.

I tried my first ecig around 2009-2010, And it’s been getting better ever since.

I’m one of those who couldn’t really make the full switch to vaping. A recent string of unnecessarily mad cops at the airport made me switch over again, and since i work here, I didn’t want to be looking over my shoulder anymore. So I’m back, full strength. I’m done smoking this time.

But the reason I’m here right now is that, today, I’ve sold 2 people on switching. And it feels good. Granted they also work with me at the airport, but their reasoning is about health and cost. This is also good.

Ecigs are a hobby for me. When i get into them i read up on so much stuff and i get so excited. I love it. Most of my info comes from here, the rest from YouTube. I was able to dive right into preferred models, juice vendors, pricing, the whole thing based on my time lurking here. I just brought my Vapor Zeus into work for the first time today, and while it raised questions, I sold two people on making the switch. So maybe standing out isn’t such a bad thing!

So thank you, <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf, for the plethora of knowledge, excitement, and influence on the field. People expect a certain level of excellence from vendors, which makes the whole experience that much better. Cheers to the future of vaping, everyone.

Very frustrated with my AGA T2… Need advice

Hello everyone. I have an AGA t2 that I have been using for a couple of weeks. I am having trouble with it. I am creating the wicks with 500 SS mesh. I am making them out of 2×2 inch pieces. I am thoroughly oxidizing them. I have tried using 28, 30, & 32 gauge kanthal. I keep getting very low resistances between .8 – 1.5. After I fire it a couple of times the resistance drops below 1. It doesn’t seem to matter how many coils that I make or what wire I use, I can’t get the resistance up. I know I am probably doing something wrong. Could it be something to do with the wick itself? I could really use some advice.

Forum newbie from SC.

Hello, not much to report..just a middle aged man with 2 middle aged dogs and a middle aged common law wife of 25 or so yrs. Started vaping about 3 mos. ago and haven’t had an analog cig since. I’ve been a smoker for around 40 yrs and smoked 2 pks a day until I started vaping.

Other than sore & sometimes bleeding gums which a lot of forum members say is caused from quitting smoking and not from vaping, I like the e-cigs, however I tend to believe it is from vaping. They say to hang tight.. that it will go away, I’m still hanging. That’s about the only thing I have against the vaping, really love the $$ I saving though. :thumb:

New to vaping and new to forums

Hi I just started vaping about 9 months ago, i started out with a U-Turn battery and vivi nova tank i got from a local tobacco shop
I live in a small town in Hawaii called Hilo, so we dont have much suppliers for this sort of thing
I want to eventually upgrade to a Provari but i just dont have the cash for something like that right now haha
But if anyone could give me any advice of how to better the set up i already have that would be great!