Kanger Evod leaking to the mouth piece

Got my Evod on Monday. The first 2 days it performed flawlessly. Then the past 2 days, it leaks juice from the mouth piece if I hold the batty upside down. I just can’t figure out why b/c

  1. The atty is screwed onto the atty base very tightly and I DO check it every time I refill or after taking out the base for whatever reason.
  2. The atty base is screwed onto the tank body very tightly.

These are the only two places where juice can leak into the center tube. But they are very tight, I swear. Beside, when I unscrew the atty from the base and look inside, the threads do not have any sign of juice, so it’s definitely not leaking via that joint. Not sure but I think it starts leaking when the juice level is low, like down to the last third or so.

Please help me figuring this one out.

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