PayZang Introduces Virtual Check For High Risk Merchant Accounts To Accept Online Payments

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

PayZang, one of the fastest growing payments platform for online and eCommerce, announced today that it is launching a new payment product, Virtual Check, to enable merchants in need of a high risk merchant account to accept payment securely over the phone or online in an easy way. Virtual Check is a new breed of payment product that uses CheXshield, the new standard in ACH and check verification, to remove fraudulent Check and ACH transactions from bad check writers.

Virtual Check is designed specifically for the following industries:


In my Easter basket – by: msparker32

A couple of days ago I got some supplies from Aqua Vapor. Some coil heads for my CE5s and a EVOD bottom feeder with replacement heads. Trying out the EVOD to see if it’s better than the CE5.
Today I got some Charity juice from Fuzion Vapor. This month’s flavor is Gumby Blood. Smells yummy.
And now I am waiting for my Anyvape CVI from MyVaporstore. Anxious to see what that bad boy does to the taste of my eliquids. :cheer:

What nicotine density should i get for the e cigarette?

Question by Andreas G: What nicotine density should i get for the e cigarette?
im either going to get the high density or the very high density.
the very high has 26mg of nicotine and high has 16. is the very high to much? im new to the e cig

Best answer:

Answer by
I was a parliament smoker and I have gone 100% e-cig. I am currently using 16mg and it is working great for me. I would suggest staying in the High (vs the super high). I have found that when I up my nicotine and go higher, my throat hurts. It becomes very dry.

If you are going with cartridges, maybe order a few of each to see which ones fit you better. If you are going to do e-liquid, you can always start with the lower and if that doesn’t work for you, then order the higher and if that is too strong, you can mix them together to get a middle of the road content.

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