CCVapes Sale & Eliquid Giveaway

Another great weekend is almost here! The Prospector is serving up some great deals this weekend!

30% off all eliquids using discount code: liq30

Every purchase qualifies and if your order number ends with: 3, 6 or 9 you will receive a FREE 15ml bottle of eliquid. Your choice of flavor and strength! No strings. No minimum purchase amount. Simply place your order, save 30% using the code and you could end up with a free 15ml bottle!

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The sale and giveaway are valid thru: Sun, March 31 @ 11:59 PM PST

40 years smoking

:vapor:After 40 years of cigs, I am excited to be off the smokes for 2 weeks now after purchasing a starter e-cig kit and going to the vape. Surfing these forums helped make some of the decisions on equipment and liquids. I’m sure there will be upgrades and changes along the way as I get more educated, have already tossed the throw aways and moved to e-juice. Looking forward to these forums. My wife will sure be happy.