broken gg ody center post

hi, just had a stupid question. i was tightening up the center post on my ody today and instead of doing so by hand i decided to put a flat blade screw driver on the end that sticks out the 510 connector and boom, snapped off half of the connector. so to picture it, the end looks like a small hollow tube with a slit in it for a flat blade, so its divided into two halfs, i broke of one of those halfs. when i reassembled it, it still works but seems not to be function properly. it almost feels like im getting "half hits" and not the full ody experience. is this due to the fact i reduced the contact surface the ody uses with the 510 conn in half? i didnt break the connector base just the center post at the end, the part that contacts the mod. i think that im not getting full voltage to the ody now or maybe i just did a bad setup?

I should also add that my ody gets really really hot after about 4-5 drags which has never happened before. i am running a .8 ohm single coil with 3.5mm wick at 3.7v. i have a v1 so this time around i grounded the neg wire by wrapping it around the wick going down the ceramic channel to make contact with the base, is this causing some type of short or something causing the ody to overheat quickly? what would cause the ody to get really hot like it is? the center post isnt touching anything, its just the part that sticks out of the bottom on connector is half gone now since i snapped it

Vamo heating up… (V2’s with spring)

Hi everyone. I just got my second Vamo (with new spring) and I have the same possible issue with both. As I vape the tube body gets hot. Is this a problem with my coil getting hot and making the body warm up? Is something wrong with both of my units? It doesn’t get AGA-T hot but it gets pretty warm from the top down. This is happening with a higher ohm vivi clone head (reading at like 3.4) that I’m stuck using until my vape mail arrives with my carto tanks. I don’t have wire thin enough to wrap a decent coil (I have some Kanthal 34)
I’m usually between 4 and 7 watts…

The only time I have noticed this occurring on my ego is if my evod drops a little juice on the center post. This is not occurring in this situation with the Vamos.
Bottom coil for battery looks fine and are new, and the positive contact disk is in both.

A piece of mind that this is normal, or info as to what my issue is would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you :blush:

Success!! I hope… also; need repair advice

About a week ago I narrowly avoided a motor vehicle accident. In doing so, my trusty ego twist – ever in my left hand while driving – got wedged between the steering wheel and shifter, and the threaded end was forcibly ripped out of the body. My soldering skills are pretty rusty to say the least, but after 4 frustrating nights, I finally managed to get it soldered and working again. With all the parts laying out on the counter, connected by wires, but not assembled, I got it to vape. As soon as I put it all back together, it died. It’s charging now, and I really really really hope I fixed it. Update to follow in the AM.

Anybody here ever repaired a unit like this? I was recently given a Kamry X6 1300mah battery that has a pushed-in center pin, it will be my next little project. The unit charges, and the button lights up/changes voltage etc… but no vape. when compared to my functional X6, the center pin is not even visible in the hole. I have been trying to get the silly thing apart for 2 days now, but can’t figure out if its pressed, glued, or screwed together. Anybody ever taken one apart before? or know where I can find anything resembling a schematic or exploded view???

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<acronym title="Consumer Advocates for smoke-free Alternatives Association”>CASAA will be appearing on HuffPost Live Wednesday, March 27th at 1 PM Eastern.

Legislative Director Gregory Conley and other guests, including Dr. Michael Seigel (author of the blog, "The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary") and Ms. Cynthia Hallett (executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights), will be discussing the Contra Costa County, California Board of Supervisors’ proposal to include electronic cigarettes in its smoking ordinance. The Board of Supervisors will be voting on the amendment April 9th.

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