Tobacco flavor in ec blend’s blk honey & coumarin flavors?

I have tri:2cool:ed TFA’s black honey tobacco. Ec blend says it’s flue cured Virginia. I haven’t gotten that flavor from FA yet(sold out). Ec bld Virginia tobacco tastes more like Virginia slime than the flue cured flavor in their bht & coumarin reborn flavs. This is the closest to analog that I’ve found so far. Thanks in advance if you could save me from having to buy every tobacco flavor on the market, although I probably will anyway :2cool:

Tank help

I just bought 2 tanks from vapefest. One is a lava tank from volcano and the other is a dct tank (I think they are both the same – they look exactly alike). My question is with the cartos. Do I have to buy the prepunched ones? My husband has a puncher tool and I tried to use one of his punched cartos and it didn’t fit properly. It looks as if when he punched a hole in it, the area around it was also bent so it wasn’t completely round. Am I stuck with buying prepunched or did he just do it wrong?

Smoktech RC9 Clone?

Anyone ever heard of it? I Googled it and came up with nothing. SmokTech’s website doesn’t have it either. I bought one from a visitor to the local vape shop the other day. That’s what he said it was.

I’m not asking to complain about it or anything. I built it earlier this evening and it’s wonderful! It was incredibly easy to build too; way easier than my AGA T+. And cheaper. It has a small air hole, which, even though I like a tight draw, I might have to widen just a hair.

But yeah, no complaints whatsoever. It’s just something I haven’t seen mentioned before and was wondering if anyone else was using them.

Which carto fits artemas slim locking tank?

Looking everywhere for a decent 2 hole punched 1.5 or 2.0 ohm resistance dual coil carto that will fit my artemas. I recently ordered some dual coils but they were way too small. I’ve gathered that my tank only uses the XL Cartos (not 100% sure). If anybody could shed some light and point me in the direction of a website selling the model that I need it would be GREATLY appreciated.


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