Phoenix problems

I just got my first RBA in the mail other day, a phoenix clone. I can’t vape over 3.6v at 2.2 ohms without getting a burnt taste. The coil was wrapped evenly around the wick and there did not appear to be any hot spots. I just tried installing one of the pre made silica wick/coils today and I just can’t get it right. I wasted all 5. What keeps happening is I get the wires in the post but I can’t get the silica wick to stay at the bottom where the juice pools up. I can kinda cram the wick under the coil, but I don’t think it goes into the little pit reservoir pit in the bottom. I tried pushing the wick down before I put the wire in the posts, I tried having the coil perpendiculat to the posts, I tried pushing the coil down towards the bottom, and I tried shortening the wick. A lot of the time the wick would unravel which makes it even more aggrivating. On the last one I just left it the best I could. The wick was pushed down under the coil, I couldn’t tell if it was touching the reservoir at the bottom. Anyways I put 15 drops completely saturating the wick and got a burnt taste on the third drag. The coil was wrapped was wrapped pretty even.

So does anyone have suggestions? Is there anything I can do to make it withstand higher voltage (that is once I figure out how to put a new wick in)?

Also, what do you think about this setup? I supposed cotton would be much easier to work with than silica wick.


What is Steeping E-Liquid?

Okay, so tonight I made my all day vape of 60 ml vanilla cream. I love this stuff and vape it always. When I get down to about 30 ml, I make another batch. 30 ml lasts me about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Anyhow, I figured I would post a pic of my new batch and my already steeped 30 ml batch side by side. I know when I started vaping I had a hard time understanding about steeping. I am hoping this pic helps people understand the difference. I used to be addicted to ordering flavors from all over the place. I would taste them from the mailbox and not be too thrilled. Anyhow, I thought maybe a pic of the same juice before steeping and a pic of it after it’s steeped about a month would help describe the difference. Feel free to add your comments about the importance of steeping! 🙂 Now if I was to get this juice in the mail that I just made, I’d probably not like it alot. LOL. But to wait a bit. OMG! Delicious!

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E-Juice Doesn’t taste all that good…

I’ve been vaping for about 3 months now. I have the eVic, ego-C, Inferno, Kanger T-3, Vision Vivi Nova Tank System plus others… I guess I’m missing it.

I’ve tried all different flavors of e-juice from many different venders and I have yet to "really" find a vap that tastes good. They all seem to have the same icky taste.

I read the reviews and the other users say "Love it!", "Tastes just like a sweet tart!", etc… I don’t understand. The only flavor I get a real throat hit from is a Menthol Burst but I just figure that’s because the menthol is so strong it can’t help but wake me up… I really don’t want to give up but don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried cartomizers, atomizers and clearmizers… I can tell the difference between them but all in all the favor just isn’t there for me.

Any words of wisdom is greatly appreciated.

New Vapist Checking In

I guess it’s time for my first post, introductory-style.

I’ve been smoking for over twenty years now – I started as a kid buying packs off the ice cream truck with money my best friend stole from her uncle, and sneaking them from my grandparents and parents. I’ve quit once or twice over the years, but it never stuck – it wasn’t just the nicotine, but the habit I couldn’t break. The hand-to-mouth, the deep inhale-exhale, the taste and smell. I could cut back to half a pack or less a day, but could never really give it up for good. Even when my doctor told me that my lung capacity was down by almost 25%, I still smoked, and still do.

Over the past month, though, I’ve been debating whether it was time to make a change. A friend of mine had just started vaping, see, and he was completely off the analogs. Even gave me his last, unopened pack of Camel Crush, then let me try out his rig. I don’t remember what kind it was specifically, but I do remember it tasted good and that it was pretty neat to be able to ‘smoke‘ inside the hotel we were staying at.

I’ve spent the past few days doing tons of research into cig-a-likes first, then ended up here and poured through a lot of posts in the newbie forum. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Then… Yesterday, I took the advice of that friend, and made my way to the local B&M shop, vape Dojo. I picked up their Katana kit – ego batt, CE4 clearo and charger – plus a spare batt and some 12mg juices; went home, filled it up, and have pretty much been attached at the lips since.

I’ve had two cigarettes (home-rolled American Spirit Blue, filtered) since I got home from the Dojo yesterday, and I’ll probably have one more before bed. That’s two a day, already down from 6-8 a day. Progress… I like progress. I’ve seen over and over again here that even one less cigarette is a victory.

I know it’s not the best rig – I’m already less than satisfied with the flavor I’m getting, that my nic strength is too low – but it’s a start. And the rest of you are so knowledgeable and opinionated, I’m sure I’ll figure out how to fix that with your help. 😉

Ive really done it now

well lets just say first off this vaping stuff is fun and frustrating.I love it well most of all started not too long ago i first got a small ego e-2 kit then a smoktech vmax (love n it) im still looking for the place i fit in. i like drippin i get by with a dct tank i punch my own carts but im tired of the flavor of a cartomizer.. its weak. i think a mega has grown old. i have a few attys but there expensive 25 bucks for a hh-357 custom. i havent had ANY experience in the rba world..where do you start..150 bucks for some is i i just ordered a vision eternity to start off i hope i have some luck with it i learn it just gets kinda frustrating..but its better than smokin…hella lot better

Tapatalk errors

A large number of posts show up blank in tapatalk… Just appears to be random posts in threads….

Makes viewing the forum and following conversations difficult.

This is the only forum I visit that is having this issue, so it’s a problem on thus sure, not the tapatalk app.

Sent from the ether using the power of my mind… and the Tapatalk app.


Is the sweetner sold on Capellas good for vaping. Putting in my first order ever for flavors and figured I should get a general sweetner as well. Please let me know what I should buy. Thanks…. PS: I already ordered PG, VG, flavors and supplies all from WL and my 120ml of 100mg nic from vaping zone. Now just want to get a couple of flavors from Capellas since they seem to come so highly recommended on here.