Re: GotVapes BCC Finally came in!!!! – by: IsLanDr671

[quote="trlrtrash13"​ post=3247]I will let you know. BTW, I can help on that front. I told my girl I ordered her a drip tip. She said "What else?" I said "I got me one too" which I did. I also got me an Anyvape CVI, so she might wonder why they shipped 2 drip tips in such a gig package and why they weigh so much. lol[/quote]

lol that won’t work on my wife, she doesn’t smoke or vape lol

Re: Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – by: trlrtrash13

vape mail! My HHV showed up, and I committed a pretty big sin. I know I should wait for this stuff to steep but I just had to try some so I filled a carto and tank with some Cherry Bomb and this stuff is off the freaking hook. It is so natural tasting. I don’t even taste the filler in the carto with this stuff. I’m a tobacco flavor guy, and I wasn’t sure that I would love this cherry because it is not a cherry tobacco flavor but wow, I could vape this stuff all day.