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"The eSmoke Center" – Official Information Thread

Hello Vapor Fans!

Jim here, I run a relatively new <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf registered supplier vapor production products site called The esmoke Center. We’ve been in operation about a year, loving nearly every minute of it, and if you haven’t already noticed, tend to cater more to those starting out in this wonderful world of vaping.

This, our official thread, is intended to field questions/comments about our site and current products we carry. We will also periodically post updates on shipping/inventory and upcoming products that we are particularly excited about.

We would also like to hear from you, on those products you’d like us to help you with as well as requests for different products you might like to see us carry.

Couple of things you might want to know about our shop; To keep things simple for our customers, we currently feature an easy, flat, $1 shipping on ALL orders (we only ship continental U.S as of this date) and we ship as fast as humanly possible. We’re impatient, we want our items quickly and we assume you do as well. Being located at the Crossroads of America certainly helps :tongue:

Also, as we’ve gained a wealth of information from this forum, we have decided to give a little back. To that point; All members, and readers, of this electronic cigarette forum is welcome to 10% off of each and every order they place! Indefinitely!

Simply use the coupon code "<acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf" (no quotes) as your coupon code during checkout!

A quick thanks to all those members that have already become customers and a pre-thanks to those who will.

Here’s to all of our vaping successes! :toast:



Hoosiervapes is fantastic!

I wanted to buy an entry level mechanical mod. After doing some research I decided the K100 Empire clone was a good place for me to start. After doing some price checking, …………….. had the cheapest price. I sent their support an email asking a few questions (I usually do this with vendors I’ve never used before just to see if someone answers) and received a reply within hours. They were very helpful and informative. I ordered my mod at 8:00am on Monday and now I’m vaping on it (Wednesday). I am super impressed with their business and will use them as my first choice vendor for equipment from now on.

quick help plz

ok i have e-juice me up calc but not sure its calculating right….anyway my main question is what my measurements should be for 36mg pg based nic to go to 20mg nic and i only have malbaro m-type tobacco flavor and american red tobacco flavor…trying to do 50/50pg/vg and it states i dont have enough pg ….not sure what im doing wrong . i have to wait on steeping wich sux so before i make my next batch i want it right if you guys and gals can help.. makeing 30ml