Problem with Legacy and AGA T

I use my Legacy with my AGA T+ atomizer. The Legacy works great since I use 28 ga kanthal wire for my coils. The problem I’m having is that I have to back the small screw out on the 510 connector in order for the AGA T to fire. When I tighten the AGA T down the small screw turns also leaving me with an unstable connection. Is this what the small split washers in the maintenance kit are used for? Do I take the screw out and place a washer beneath it?

Fried my new eGO batts??

I got a tank today, and filled it up, using a BOGE carto. I’ve never used a tank, but I followed the instructions given and it all seemed to be working fine. Then a burnt taste and NOTHING. So, I took the tank off that batt and put it on another batt and burnt taste again, then nothing. Now I have one batt that is completely DOA, won’t charge, won’t do anything. And another batt that the light on the button won’t go off.
WTH did I do??

Former ProVari owner, turned "China mod" route now back to ProVari!

I am a former Provari owner (V2) and I sold my device a few months ago because I had some bills I needed to pay and didn’t have the extra cash. So I picked up a Vamo thinking that would work well for me, not a chance! These cheap China mods do not give out the same power with every drag, it’s such a night and a day difference I can’t begin to explain it…not to mention the annoying snake like "slithering" that you hear from their cheap board that is inside the device.

So I ordered me a new black satin regular V2.5 on Friday with a est ship date of 10-14 days and to my surprise that same night I got an E-Mail saying that my order had shipped, I was so surprised! My previous ProVari had the blue LED, I was going to hold out for the green one but reports indicate that the green led on the screen has a tint of yellow to it and I wouldn’t have liked that so I went ahead and just got the blue again…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

USPS shows delivery for Monday, everything with Provape so fast, the service and products are outstanding!

Thanks guys!

I hate PLUID!!

This sucks I really wanted to like this flavor and from all the hype surrounding it I decided to pick up a bottle from Vapor Craze and man…It taste so much like black licorice I can’t stand it. I know I know if I don’t like black licorice WHY did I buy this? I read somewhere that even if you don’t like black licorice you’ll like it. Oh well anyone looking to pick up a bottle?