Re: GotVapes BCC Finally came in!!!! – by: IsLanDr671

hi Steve,
well 2 days in and still no Leaks, but there is gurgling, maybe due to my juice being 80/20? I did not remove any wicks so after I washed the Tank and filled with juice 8 times (Chain Vaping lol) no leaking issues, none coming out from under the Tank none from any of the seems, but just regular condensation around the drip tip area ( once again maybe from Chain Vaping ) but all in all I still think they’re AWESOME, better flavor thank poly filled cartos. nice Vapor as I am vaping on 3.5 top 4.5 Watts not Volts on my VAMO and pretty fair vapes on my Inferno Batteries. even though the heads are 2.2ohms.

Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – by: trlrtrash13

Anyone tried them yet? I just ordered a few flavors two days ago to check them out. They said it could be 3-7 days to process orders, and so far still processing. That’s a bit odd to me, but okay. No big rush as I have plenty of other liquid. But it does have me a bit curious about the juice. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. If it is as good as advertised, the wait lends an air of exclusivity to the liquid. If not, it will make them suck more I guess. lol

Re: GotVapes BCC Finally came in!!!! – by: trlrtrash13

[quote="IsLanDr671" post=3223]2 words for the BCC’s = "Totally Awesome", they were just as good as all the youtube reviews describe, just fantastic, this is my first bottom coil cartomizer?clearomizer? but they are great, my only gripe is that when I tried to replace the drip tips, I found that the Knuckleheads I bought are way too loose on them, I tried the Large Ming Drip tips I have and they are even more loose , but the standard acrylic drip tips I have work just fine with just a very very slight wooble.[/quote]

Do me a favor please and keep us posted on these things. I am curious to know if they start to leak from the bottom, and if so how long it takes them to start doing this. I assume they will at some point because of the nature of vaping, but my T3’s do it almost instantly if you vape them down too low.