Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking for real?

Question by AbsolutZero: Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking for real?
Okay here’s the think. I’ve read all the sites. I know that smoking regular tobacco involves inhaling like 4000 chemicals while e-cigarettes only have like 4. I know the difference between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. I know it’s not FDA approved. I know smoking is awful for you.

My plan was to buy an e-cig pack and slowly work my way down (get like 18mg atomizers to start with, then move down to 11mg, then 8, then 4, then spend a month at 0 then put it away forever).

HOWEVER, I keep reading studies that say that e-cigarettes may be dangerous in a whole different way. Something about closing the throat more and preventing oxygen intake. So I’m unsure of what to do here. I read the stuff, but most of it is old and it’s hard to find new studies. People who use them seem okay…but I’m kind of OCD about knowing all the info before I invest in something new (especially when it’s quitting bad habits).

So, the question is: Are they ACTUALLY safer than smoking? I’m not going to switch and start getting a whole new list of awful symptoms from this? Thanks for your answers everyone!

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Answer by Nancy Bee
read these two sites before?

i live in a country where they are banned.
I wouldnt touch one, and i smoked for 21 years.
Oh, not including real actual ppl, but when it comes to the internet, especially here, those most vocal about singing the praises of ecigs are paid spammers.
When in doubt, research more.

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GotVapes BCC Finally came in!!!! – by: IsLanDr671

Just Got another vapeMail from Gotvapes today, Ordered 2 vapeOnly BCC’c, 2 Knucklehead Drip Tips and 36ml of flux Pear.

2 words for the BCC’s = "Totally Awesome", they were just as good as all the youtube reviews describe, just fantastic, this is my first bottom coil cartomizer?clearomizer? but they are great, my only gripe is that when I tried to replace the drip tips, I found that the Knuckleheads I bought are way too loose on them, I tried the Large Ming Drip tips I have and they are even more loose , but the standard acrylic drip tips I have work just fine with just a very very slight wooble. i compare the drip tips the BCC’s came with to the other drip tips I have and noticed the BCC’c DT are way wider than all of them, the BCC DT’d won’t even fit on any of my Tank Cartomizers or even on my SMOKTitans. oh well its not a big beal to me , the vape and the flavor is what I was after. I have the 2.2ohm heads in them and Vaping on my Inferno Batteries with Pleasure and better on my VAMO V2 at 3.5Watts, very very nice.
The flux-Pear is Delicious.

Got more stuff coming in from Surevapes and Volcanoecigs , I can’t wait. lol Happy Vaping everyone!!!!

Penelope/Odysseus fill speed.

So I’ve been thinking the last couple days. My Penelope is by far the fastest RBA I’ve EVER used to fill. It literally takes me about 15 seconds to get the top off, fill it up, and get the cap back on (with the bottles I use to make my <a href="”>diy flavorless I vape they are VERY fast flowing, it can squirt a steady stream out, it would obviously take a lot longer to refill with a bottle that only does tiny drops slowly). I honestly can’t imagine it’s possible to refill any other RBA faster than the GG rebuildables. So I was wondering, if we could prove this? Does anybody know of a more convenient tank RBA to set use (not counting setting up coils ,which even if you don’t use prejoins is still extremely easy to do!)? All genesis atomizers are obviously out of the running before the race even starts. What else? I truly believe there is no more convenient rebuildable out there than the Penelope/Oddy/(and soon Ithaka), which is just another award that goes to a man that is surely out of all wall space by now after all the other rewards he’s received.

What else guys? Help me prove the GG atomizers are the most convenient tank RBA’s in existence to use! I don’t mention the iAtty because I have no idea how it’s filled or honestly really how it works, I’ve never seen one in person!

VV Nova air locked!! What to do??

So I got my brother a Mini VV Nova tank, to celebrate his first month of Vaping!! 🙂
Out of box I set it up, rinsed, quick dry burn, made sure head was tight, tank tight and filled it up!! Screwed the tank on to the ego twist and could NOT draw from it!! This thing is air locked. backed off the tank until I could get a draw and it hit OK, but the tank is wabbling and looks like sh^t.
Thinking of pulling the center post and cutting a few slots at the bottom??
what do you guys think? Has anyone had this problem? and how did you rectify it?
Any help would be appreciated:)

My evolution

– New Year’s Eve "thought" (not strong enough to call a resolution): Cut back on smoking, maybe check out what ecigarettes are all about
– Late January: friend buys me a starter kit from Walmart. I still have a carton left, so I’ll just use the ecig in my car as I finish up these smokes
– Feb 1: smoked my last cigarette, non ceremonious because I wasn’t sure that I was "done". Only smoking Fin ecigs…starting to read ecig forum
– since Feb 1:continued buying cartos from Walmart and tried out Blu cartos from gas station (I am not big on online shopping), decided that I love vanilla flavor.
– somewhere in there: went out with friends, had a cigarette. Hated it. Swore off of them for good. Reading and posting on forum more often. Realizing that buying cartos will get expensive, I had hoped to save $$ by quitting smoking!
– March 10: ordered my first juices from Mt. Baker…4 flavors
– March 12: order is enroute but after reading more on the forum, I add 4 more flavors to my wish list!

I have a feeling that these flavors are going to change my world…so what’s next?