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So, obviously new here. Been vaping for 7 months. My boyfriend has been doing it for a few years and got me involved. I started with an ego and progressed to using a precise 18350 majority of the time. He is getting me into rebuildables, and I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

my intro

Been vaping a good couple months now, have not bought a pack of cigs since i got my ego starter kit. Since i got it i have been geekin out on flavors. We have a local shop that lets you try the flavors before you buy and theres a wide selection and many good flavors.
I guess this thread is for open suggestions for juices from the popular sites. I have bobas bounty and gorilla juice on the way but have not done any other online shopping. Im not a huge fan of tabacco flavors but do like some. I vape alot of fruity flavors, a couple different coffee flavors, other dessert/misc juices.

I was really lookin to order from ms ts but was overwhelmed of the choices if anyone has suggestions..
To close glad to have an account been browsing the site a couple weeks now.

Kimree Disposable E-Cig Review

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This is a disposable e-cig from www.kimree.com I did this review to help the people who have never tried an e-cig but don’t want to spend alot on a full kit. This would be the cheapest way to try vaping to see if it’s right for you.
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E Cigarette Reviews Help Smokers Buy the Best E Cigarette Brand Reported …

Electronic cigarette
buy electronic cig

Image by Denni Schnapp
I bought this for John as a gimmick (he can smoke it in the office).

I have since bought him a bigger one and taken this over myself. I prefer it to tobacco smoking!

E Cigarette Reviews Help smokers Buy the Best E Cigarette Brand Reported
Deerfield Beach, FL — (SBWIRE) — 03/12/2013 — Switching from tobacco cigarette to e cigarette is not an easy task. It's tough to give up smoking. With e cigarettes around a smoker can enjoy smoking without quitting the habit. E cigarettes do not …
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V2 Cigs The Best E-cig experience – V2Cigs Starter Kit Reviews – 2012

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www.v2cigs.com www.facebook.com V2 cigs SAVE 10 % all ORDERS” CODE: ryand941 Ecig – V2 Cigs Review – My review on the V2 Standard starter kit. I paid for this myself,so this is completely my opinion.If you decide that this may be for you,you may . This is a great Company, Shipping and Customer Service is Outstanding , plus you get great deal with the Promo code Just Visit www.v2cigs.com V2 Cigs Review – V2 Cigs Reviews – V2 Cigs Review – V2 Coupon Code – V2 Coupon www.v2cigs.com V2 Cigs Starter kits V2 Cig ECONOMY KIT V2 Cig STARTERS KIT (GREAT OFFER) V2 Cig TRAVELERS KIT V2 Cig COUPLES KIT V2 Cig ULTIMATE KIT (BEST OFFER) Looking for a V2 Cigs Review and a coupon code? COPYRIGHTS: I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC PLAYED IN THIS VIDEO No copyright infringement is intended, V2 electronic cigarettes also known as V2 Cigs, are electronic smoking devices that substitute traditional cigarettes. These devices look and taste like real cigarettes. V2 Cigs offers a smart alternative that is far more tolerable for non-smokers even in an indoor environment. V2 Cigs uses an advanced patented technology that delivers a smoking sensation as well as nicotine (if desired) by dispersing harmless water vapor through the device. The vapor is virtually odorless. smokers can continue to enjoy their smoking habit without being exposed to over 4000 harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke.V2 provides the best quality e-cig on the market. All electronic cigarettes and accessories at V2 Cigs are designed

<img alt="In-Depth V2 e-cigarette Review – Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews” src=”http://ecigcapecoral.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/1b28282595_43862-v2-e-cigs-default.jpg” />

V2 Electronic Cigarette Review electroniccigaretteconsumerreviews.com Quick Tip – ECCR (Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews) thoroughly tests all products before reviewing. We deliver completely unbiased opinions, and only bring to you, what we believe are the top brands in the e-cigarette industry. You’ll receive the v2 electronic cigarette kit in a large standard magnet flip-top box. Opening it, you will find v2 gives you a packet of coupon tickets with a discount code. (We’re assuming this is only one of their ways of offline promotion, but there’s some goodies in there for you too!) The long battery may last longer, but it’s REALLY long. You will definitely want to swing by the website and take a look for yourself. The V2 long battery is enormous. It’s definitely not a fashion statement. The long battery lasts approximately 150-175 puffs. Considering the length of the long battery, we were honestly expecting a lot more. The standard battery (small) provided a disappointing 85-120 puffs. Highlight of the v2 cartomizers are the flavors. You’ll love the flavors v2 has to offer. However, cartomizers provide approximately 125-175 puffs. We found the life of the cartomizers disappointing. After all, they are definitely heavily promoted. We must also mention nicotine satisfaction drops off a bit too after around 50 puffs. The price for the V2 kit, is a good value, but it does not top the charts. In the event you’d like more information about V2 e-cigs, or would like to see
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Re: Speed steeping – by: trlrtrash13

I never tried this one myself, but if it is in a glass bottle or if you have a glass bottle you could transfer it into, a friend of mine told me he boil about 2 inches of water in a pan. Once it is boiling hard take it off the burner and once and set the bottle of liquid in the water with the lid off. He would let it sit in there until the water cooled off and he claimed it was basically the equivalent of steeping the juice for a week.

NEWS: Electronic Cigarette Side Effects! See Before You Try Ecigs

See all e-cigarette side effects at e-cigarettestarterkits.net to be sure that there will be no surprising side effects with electronic cigarettes if you do decide to take the easy way to quit smoking. There has been many news stories on BBC and CNBC about e-cigs and all the risks they may carry. Before starting to use those vapor producing electronic cigs, you should understand potential health risks and adverse effects they may have..