Utah Moves To Tax E-Cigarettes Like Regular Cigarettes

Utah Moves To Tax ECigarettes Like Regular Cigarettes
First marketed overseas in 2002, e-cigarettes first became widely available in U.S. in 2006. There are several million users worldwide today, up from a few thousand in 2006. Analysts estimate sales could double to $ 1 billion in 2013. Some companies …
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White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Launches New "Cin" Flavored ECigarette
The new flavor, 'Cin,' is the first of its kind within the electronic cigarette category and marks the first of many flavors from White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes to be made in the U.S.A. The initiative to switch all current products to U.S. shores …
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The vapor surrounding 'e-cigs' Electronic cigarettes gaining popularity
Although e-cigs were introduced to the U.S. market in 2007, the first patent of a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette was obtained in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert. In 2003 … Bish believes that the U.S. made e-cigs are far more safe than those from other …
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The Life of Cartomizer

How long do your cartomizers usually last in a tank?

So, generally when I started vaping it was a smoktech 1.7ohm LR carto on 3.7 device,
fill after fill after fill, burn after burn
darker juices would kill my carts in a day, 2 at most. 80pg/20vg
lighter fruity juices pretty solid at least a week or more, 60pg/40vg

I got fed up and picked up some tanks.

Currently loving the ease of a carto tank – daily fill and no hassle at the job –
before people would start singing the Breaking Bad intro music while passing by me
with all my syringes and juice bottles – blowing excess juice into napkins

sooooo…with a boge 2.0 & smoktech 1.7 carto – double punched -in tank
now I get the range of 2-3days with darker dessert juice 60pg/40vg
around the same with fruity juices 60pg/40vg typically by day 3 things are getting
a bit muted..have had a couple boges get the bacon taste by day 3

and yes..I have heard of these mythical cartos by IKENvape that according to their description
may last up to 3 weeks! but dagnabit they get snatched up quicker than brownies at a bake sale!

I wonder sometimes..
perhaps using the lighter juices would lead to a longer life of my cartomizer
but I really love my waffle juice!

I know that cartos are relatively cheap to replace, but it would be sweet to use 2-3 cartos a month
then every few days, perhaps wishful thinking…I’ve read here that some people have gotten a week from a carto
me too, but not in a tank…yet. maybe I’m doing it wrong? I’m rambling now…

what’s the life of your cartomizer in a tank?

any tips/suggestions/advice appreciated!

RBA Noobie Questions

So about to get my Innokin SVD, and my AGA T+ this week. So i figured I would so some research on Coils, and Wicks before they get here.

For the SVD since it’s VV and VW, would I be better off getting 28,30, or 32 Gauge Kanthal ?

I found a site where you can get Kanthal for hella cheap.

Kanthal Wire 30 Gauge RW0107 – 100 FT 0.39oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG

Kanthal Wire 32 Gauge RW0097 – 100 FT 0.25oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG

They have pretty much any gauge a-1 Kanthal you would like.

I tend to stick with Tobacco Type flavors (BOBAS!) and some Pluid which will be my main vapes.