Looking for an oak woodsy type of flavor. Would this Nature’s Flavor one work?

So far my quest for oak and smokey type flavors has been pretty futile. The only thing I found so far was this:

<a href="http://www.naturesflavors.com/organic-oak-smoke-flavor-extract.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Organic Oak smoke Flavor Extract

This would be PERFECT, but apparently it contains sugar. Has anyone worked with the Nature’s Flavors extracts that contain sugar? I read that someone around here has.

I’m probably going to risk buying it anyway to see what happens. Maybe if I clean it out often it won’t get gunky? Is there any other alternative you guys know of that has smoked oak wood notes? I can HOPE that there’s not too much sugar in it.

This blend will be the death of me I swear, but I am SO DETERMINED.

Button on twist starting to stick

I’ve had my twist for about a week now and all of a sudden tonight the button is starting to stick in the on position. I have to press it again to get it to shut off. It doesn’t stick every time but more than I’d care to deal with as I now have to actually look at it to make sure it shut off. Is this typical? If not, I bought it at a B&M. Do they typically do exchanges for defective equipment? I know this ain’t Target. Lol

Thanks DIY guys!!!

It was a lot easier than it seemed! At first, I was very paranoid handling 100mg nic. After cutting it down by half to 50mg, I feel much more relaxed at the mixing table.

As a tobacco-flavored guy, my very first 5ml mixture of RY4, Caramel, and Bavarian Cream was a success! It was vape-able right away after some thorough bottle shaking.

For the past ten days or so, while following your instructions and recipes, every single juice I’ve prepared (about 8 different ones) has been from decent to superb!

In Ball mason jars, I keep roughly 150ml of PG and VG and 30ml of 50mg nic in the fridge with the remaining Ziplock-bagged and stashed in my freezer.
Jars were ~$1 each at my local hardware store. The box was picked up from Home Depot for $5.

Special thanks to Hoosier among others! Your blog was invaluable and your posts of which I’ve been following have been very helpful.

Thank you guys!

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Frustrationed and needs suggestions

I took the plunge and got a Joyetech 650 starter kit. Well, it’s not working for me. The charge doesn’t last a hour and I’m not crazy about the plastic tanks so I was dripping it. It also didn’t produce near the vapor that the store testers had (they said their models were discontinued). I got their last starter kit. The vapor was a little more than a convience store kit I have.

I think I got bum batteries. Both batteries need to be charged at once constantly, so there’s no way I could quit cigs. I was so hyped that I quit for 24 hours with nothing. Then I was told to smoke again (due to my mood I guess). I haven’t picked it up since. That’s $ for 3 cartons that I’m still spending (I’m near an indian res). I can’t keep doing that.

I’ve spent days reading and I wanted to try a 1300mah black/stainless with black/grey Kanger T2 or T3. Simple? Out of stock. So now I’m looking at Spinners and Twisters with Nova’s. If I find the batteries (not in purple), the store is out of tanks (or in day-glow yellow). If I find tanks, the store is out of batteries and I can’t track down where I saw the other parts that another store had because this one is out of stock. I think I’ve visited every store online at least 3-10 times now.

Not only that but if I’m not careful, I’m going to end up spending hundreds on tons of stuff that are my fourth-ninth choices and probably won’t touch again once I can get what I really wanted. I need to simplify and not buy stuff for a landfill (which is how I feel about my starter kit).

Yet the benefits of vaping are enough that I want to figure this out. There must be something that will satisfy me and my asthetics without feeling like I’ve taken on a new hobby (which I can NOT do right now). I’ve even considered Chinese drop shippers (omg). At least I wouldn’t be spend much on equip that’s disappointing and it may arrive before the stores online are restocked. That’s my last choice.

Can anyone suggest something else? Ideas? Comments?

I’d like a battery to last most of the day (who wouldn’t) and it appears I’ll vape pretty heavily in the beginning (or I got bum batteries). I usually smoke <1 pack of lights/day. I got dizzy with 6mg juice so it’s the vapor.

I thought about the Joye 2200mah with a seperate battery but I’m thinking too much on this. I know there were others, one particularly but I can’t seem to find the store again. I need help.

Thx in advance.