What is the best small electronic cigarette 88mm or less?

Question by luke: What is the best small electronic cigarette 88mm or less?
I already have the blucig and the e-lite and the health e cig.

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Answer by Riddle Lo
Well….for starts you did a good job picking out Blucig :-) Which is known to date as the “smallest” e-cig. I used to smoke Blu until the batteries started dying on me and how quick the cartridges dried up. Then i found green smoke. which is a slightly a bit bigger but not by much.

Check them out: http://www.greensmoke.com/purefreedom

I’ve been green smoking for about 3 weeks now and don’t plan on using a different electronic cigarette for a LONG time lol I love it. they are slightly a bit bigger than Blu like i said but the battery lasts way longer, the cartridges last me about 400-500 puffs unlike Blu or any of the other e-cigs i’ve tried AND they are a two piece design instead of three like Blu :-) ***means less maintenance*** Speaking of which…i didn’t like Blu also because it was a hassle trying to clean the atomizer all the time . with Green smoke I don’t have to worry about that. they make their cartridges with built in atomizers. so i get a new one with every cartridge. I have tried e-cigs from Smoking Everywhere/ Njoy / Lucci/ Smoking Anywhere / Blu / Inlife / and thats just a few to name..i could give you a huge list but…lol that would take forever haha I’ve been doing trial and error with electronic cigarettes for almost a year now and Green smoke is by far the best I’ve came across.

The vapor Green smoke produces is like no other electronic cigarette on the market lol watch this video

So the point here is that if your lookin to buy a new e-cig you should give Green smoke a try. It feels just like the real thing and looks the same. :)

Any way I hope i answered your question…if I didn’t just shoot me an e-mail :) I’d be glad to help ya.

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dose anyone know any smokless cigarettes i can try with the costing anything?

Question by Roberta: dose anyone know any smokless cigarettes i can try with the costing anything?
i would like to try the smokeless cigarette’s and would like to try them without any cost to try it dose anyone know how i can do this?

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Answer by Etienne de Quercy
use the Lavoisier’s solving problem method

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Are there Electronic Cigarettes available in Woodfield mall?

Question by Dr.: Are there Electronic Cigarettes available in Woodfield mall?
Is there a store in Woodfield Mall that sells electronic cigarettes? Thanks for your help.

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Answer by yoyo
Check out VCIG.com price starts out at $ 98 but I was able to find a promotional code for 15% off!! referral code: rfvcigkp45 …I love mine and I have not smoked a real cigarette since…oh and the videos are hilarious! haha

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Hamma Shisha Tag Teil 2

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Re: The Perfect Vape? – by: trlrtrash13

Well, the inhalation part I thought was interesting, being as it would be used to heat up a product for inhalation purposes. But I would imagine that some people would be more sensitive to it than others, being as it isn’t poisonous when inhaled, only an irritant. So I don’t suppose it would prevent you from trying it but it might be good info to keep in mind when trying it out. Also if the metal dust presents a fire or explosion hazard there might be some precautions that needed to be taken when coiling the atomizer, but I’m not sure if commercial grade tungsten wire would be already processed and therefore no longer a risk, or if the risk continues after processing.

Atomic Cinnacide

I have a few questions (5) but first I want to say that I have been vaping AC for at least 3 years. I have tried other TV juices as well as other vendors but I always come back to AC because it is really the only juice that I want. If AC isn’t on sale and Geoff’s blend was, then I went with that too. But as much as I love Tasty Vapor, and I want you to know that I do, I have never really enjoyed the other specials of the week that I ordered like I do AC. I have tried several.

Ok so now on to my questions.

1) Is there a rotation for your sales? If this is top secret then of course I don’t want you to share. I was just wondering if it is common knowledge, perhaps that would help me figure out an ordering schedule. I am not the type that thinks ahead and orders ahead. So I am just about out of AC and am wondering will it be on sale next week?

2) I am considering trying some of the other specials of the week. Specifically, Burmanii and Island Punch. Will either be strong enough for an all day AC vapor? How is the TH with these flavors.

3) Are there any other flavors that your AC customers seem to order repeatedly?

4) How long do doublers last? As in when do they expire? I have some older ones left but have been afraid to mix them for fear of ruining my new juice.

5) Has the cinnamon flavoring been worked out? I last ordered in January and am not sure if that was the New or Old AC.

I love AC so much that I buy my equipment to fit my juice rather than the other way around. Yep it has ruined my tanks so I went with a different tank. But it kind of sucks that I really only like one juice. I wish I could have a handful to choose from and be happy with.


I had two Vamo’s. One with this logo on the back, in gunmetal:

Another made of Stainless Steel. The gunmetal is holding up fine, but my SS decided to stop. It died over a period of time.
Started to loose power..On a fresh BAtt, cranked all the way up to 6 volts, barley put out any vapor. Had to return it.

Love the Vamo, but I cant seem to find who makes the one shown above. (So many manufactures making this mod, these days).

Any idea’s anyone?