V2 Cigs SUCKS – Customer service issue : ThunderOne

Ordered a three pack of liquimax blanks from V2 a WEEK AND A HALF AGO. STILL NOT SHIPPED.

Sent an email four days ago asking what the deal was. Nothing.

Sent an email asking for a refund yesterday. STILL NOTHING.

I will be contacting my card company and having them revoke the charge. V2 customer service and shipping department, big THUMBS DOWN.

I will order a 100 pack of Kanger T4s from China and will sell them to members for cheap, much cheaper than the rebranded T4s that V2 sells.

Praise for Fuzion Vapor

I’d like to commend Shane for both his incredible customer service and for the Delicious juice I received today!

I placed and order and unlike others, I did not go for priority- went first class.

Ordered on 3/23 and it was shipped on the 24th. On March 6, I hadn’t received it so I sent Shane an email- just to ask if I should be concerned. I was not upset- really didn’t know.

Shane replied within the hour and insisted on immediately reshipping, despite my protests! When I stated that I would pay for second shipment if 1st order arrived- he said in no uncertain terms that he would not accept my money and apologized for the delay.

Well the initial :banana:order arrived today, and I immediately jumped into the bottles.

Review: Jacked– the best I’ve had- so complex, and so delicious! The flavors taste natural without any hint of chemical artifice.
Unicorn Blood– I think this one will benefit from a good steep. It’s tasty, but doesn’t taste as developed. I will try to
wait it out.

He also sent a generous sample of Cotton Candy! I’ll reserve judgement until I can drag mysell away from The Jacked.

Needless to say- he just earned a loyal, returning customer. Nicely done, Shane. I highly recommend the e-juice and the customer service.

The math is staggering!

Especially for some of you guys when I look at the cig free counters in your signatures.

"I’ve been vaping for 32 days and saved $119,332 and avoided 13 million analogs"

OK, maybe that’s a bit far fetched, but not too much of a stretch.

If quitting smoking is not one of your proudest accomplishments, perhaps some perspective rearrangement is in order.

juice tastes great at first, bad after a week

Ive been mixing some peanut butter cookie with capellas pb, sugar cookie, a little French vanilla and a tad of marshmallow. After I give it a hot water bath its great for like a week, after that I get like a burning kind of taste from it. Doesn’t matter if its in a Genesis,carto,atty or whatever. Can anyone explain why? I thought after a couple weeks it would be better!

First DIY Batches

So I got my first batch of product on Wednesday.

TFA Cotton Candy
TFA Hawaiian Punch
TFA Raspberry
LA Bubble Gum
LA Strawberry Kiwi
LA Tropical Punch
Not doing nicotine so yeah…

So as the noob I am I just had to dive right in and mix and vape. Made 3ml 50/50 batches of each flavor started at 10% trying it after shaking it up and not liking it. I got all the way to 30% on Hawaiian Punch and decided enough was enough and stopped the madness Wednesday night. Get home from work Thursday and jump into it again with a little more thinking involved this time (I think so at least).

What I have going now is 4 batched of each flavor is 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% batches that I am letting sit for a week to steep. The process I have decided to take is let them sit in darkness with the cap on and shake and breathe once a day. I will test after the week is up and decide which % is best for me and tweak from there if needed.

Does this sound like a decent process or is there something that anyone else can recommend?

Please be gentle this is my first try at <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy.

Thanks all for your time

What to do without WL Ice???

From WL :

Unfortunately, our initial test batches of "Ice" and "Ultra Pure" extracts are depleted and no longer available by request. We will be running another trial in the near future to test process and batch consistency before permanently adding either to our product line.

What would those familiar with ICE recommend as the closest nic base to ICE in both price and lack of taste/smell/peppery bite?

Re: The Perfect Vape? – by: Don Graham

[i][/I] Let’s take a look at what has been said here about tungsten. Let’s do some critical thinking.

Chronic health effects: This product has no known chronic effects. Repeated or prolong exposure to this compound is not known to aggravate medical conditions.

It sounds like there say it (tungsten) will not hurt you. In fact even if you are ill it will not make you sicker. Hmmmm! The above statement sounds like Government speak.

Then there this:

All tungsten compounds should be regarded as highly toxic. The metal dust presents a fire and explosion hazard.

Now hold on here, we were just told tungsten will not hert are healthy. Now because is can explode it is toxic. Can all of you see how they manipulate language to keep all of confused.

I see no information in this article that would prevent me from using tungsten wire. But that is just me.

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