Best Place To Buy Syringes?

Does any body know of a good place to buy 18 Gauge Syringes?
I was getting them at my local CVS/Walgreens but they don’t sell them to me anymore. I explained to them they are for making e-juice and not for shooting dope, but they still didn’t change their mind.
Also, is there another syringe that is better for making juice? I have just been using 18 Gauge syringes, if any one else knows of something better please let me know. I have been looking online but I accidentally bought just the needles like an idiot, not the syringes them selves, :facepalm: and I hate waiting for stuff in the mail. Plus I think my mail man hates me enough for having to stuff packages in my mail box every other day.

AGA-T+ Coiling issues

Hi, I have been creating my first coils for my new aga-t, so far just one worked for a few days, the rest(many) did not work due to a persistent hotspot on the first coil loop close to the positive post. I have tried making the coil closer to the post but still the hotspot. I am using kanthal 28 and have to wrap it like 7-8 times around the wick to get 1.3 ohms. I wonder if that is the problem and if using kanthal 34 would help.
Pleasee advice!
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Noobie to the Vaping scene!!

Hi guys,

I was recommended by a friend to vaping and am now trying my ways and means to get my hands on a starter kit. So off i went to searching online, googling where i might find PVs, checking up on how to maintain one etc etc… Really getting more and more desperate in buying one after all the search and reading up on PVs/e-cig. Got a few questions regarding PV.

*What brand or model should i be getting? I am a regular smoker trying to quit now smoking 1 pack every 2 days. Looking for something easy to maintain and easily accessible to spare parts etc. Am looking at ego brand model is the CE5 with the clear tank.
*Is importing E juices allowed? or issit just a ban on PVs and e-cig?
*Any shops(reliable) in the north where there are lots of selections? Hopefully somewhere i can find easily, i am a noob when travelling in malaysia. I have been going thru the posts in <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF for the past week or so and still couldnt find any lobang.

Thanks in advance!!!
P.S. Also can give me tips on vaping??:oops:

Brand freaking new…couple questions..

Ok…so the first thing I will say is that it was HELL getting in here. I honestly have never used a forum and the activation mail was in my spam (which was hidden so I didn’t even see my spam folder in gmail) so I just sat here in angst wondering how I was supposed to post :glare:……but anyways, I’ve just stopped smoking. Like, just. Yesterday I finished my last cigarette and as well my first disposable Blu (which cost me $10 so that sucked) and I’ve been youtube-ing as much as I can about vaping. I’ve gained a fair amount of knowledge, but I seriously still have a lot to get down. Just as for your general knowledge, I was about a half a pack a day smoker, but I feel like I’ll probably be a heavier vaper. So my questions shall be as follows

1. What’s probably the best site(s) to order e-cig stuff from? I’m referring to, as an idea of what I’m looking for, a good price on a starter kit (been looking at an ego, but not decided which one yet, will probably get a Blu kit for when I’m just out and don’t need something to vape on all the time) and by good price, I mean if I could get one from $35-$50 that’d be nice. Just post how and where you get your stuff if that’s the best way you know how to explain.

2. May sound stupid, but when I think of e-juice, I think of just that. I was on a site earlier (just getting an idea of what I could purchase and how much it would be) and when it gave me flavor options, it would be listed like E-juice: Raspberry and that was fine, but further down it was like E-Tobacco: Black Devil and E-Herbs:Vanilla and I was like :blink:……….

3. Not exactly related, but as I was browsing trying to figure out why I couldn’t post, I saw an add for the "Viper vape ego" and it looks pretty badass honestly. Kinda wondering what anyone knew about that.

So yea sorry this was kinda long but hopefully someone will catch it and help me out. Btw I’m kinda dying because when I run out of this next disposable blu I’m going to be out of everything. Then I will proceed to punching kindergarteners.

i dig my new vamo!!

Howdy all!! I just relegated my 3 month old lavatube to ‘backup’ status on Monday when i picked up my new vamo. I’m really digging the whole vw aspect. As i’m at work right now i have 2 vivi novas, a mini vivi nova, 2 t2’s and a t3 with me all with different resistance, (it sounds like a lot but i’m currently 5 hrs 24 min into a 14 hr shift). I love how i can set the wattage and then switch clearos without having to adjust any settings. Now i just have to stay awake, hehe.

Rewicking stardust

hi fellow vapers,

a noob 1st try on rewicking, just got my hands on the kanthal wires and silica wicks, now stuck on how to use or where to buy a multimeter in our country? and, read about ss mesh & cotton wicks, anyone can help me to understand the various materials for wicking?

thanks a million.

Do you lose or misplace your ecig alot?

Do you ever misplace or lose your ecig? I will pick 1 winner and send them a ego pouch, 1 ce4 clearomizer and 1 10Ml eliquid tobacco or menthol flavor 0, 12 or 26MG. tell me the strangest or funnies place you have lost your e-cig.


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Connecticut CALL TO ACTION!

This bill would:
Ban the use of e-cigarettes in any public place where smoking is prohibited.

A hearing is scheduled for Friday, March 15th @ 10:30.

PLEASE take a moment to contact the legislators by phone or email.

Info can be found here: http://blog.<acronym title="Consumer Advocates for smoke-free Alternatives Association”>

If you can attend the meeting, please let us know. Thank you!!