Somewhat of an ERA clone (reviewish)

So as many of you know I’m an IGO L slut…yeah i own 21 right now, and 20 more on the way…

anywho i figured id try a different RDA, but im very picky hence when i find something i like, i buy a lot in fear of not having access to them down the road.

The Choice RBA was something I took a chance on, more expensive than I wanted to spend on a "trial" but well worth it with a few exceptions.

It is VERY close to the design of the ERA which I have been wanting to get, but not wanting to spend $80 on.

The Choice was a good choice (hah) for me for a few reasons.
1. all stainless steel
2. adjustable airflow (which is awesome)
3. pretty ok looks (and it came with a sweet drip tip ill never use but give to a friend or something lol)

The good:
amazing vape and airflow. The posts are very easy to setup a good coil on, and the 3 piece design with 3 airholes (3x 1mm) allows you to have 1x 1mm, 2x 1mm or 3x 1mm holes pumping good ole oxy onto the coil. I prefer 3x 1mm and it rips.

the bad:
the o rings…the holes had some pretty gnarly burs on them and they chewed up the o rings and they are thin enough to begin with. I polished the inside of the airholes to smooth them out and they are fine now, but the o rings are not.

I found replacement o rings so no biggie, but overall this thin is buil well and for $16 it’s a great RDA

anyone looking for a good RDA similar to the ERA not wanting to spend a boat load on it should check it out. I still prefer the IGO L because of the size, this Choice RBA is rather tall about twice as tall as the IGO L, so for you stealth vapers it’s not the best.


/review(ish) thingy

My First DIY – Not So Great

I just tried my first <a href="”>diy e-juice, and am not too happy with it. :frown:

I just tried a simple 1-flavor juice, using FlavourArt Cowland Blend Tobacco. I would like to eventually add some honey or other flavor to it, but wanted to see how it was by itself first.

I’d read here that with the FA tobacco flavors you need to start low, and work up. I started with 2% in a 70/30 mix at 12mg and couldn’t taste anything but a very faint "floral" or "perfume" taste. No tobacco taste at all. So I added another percent of Cowland Blend flavoring and still had nothing, so I went to 5% and still just have a floral/perfumey taste, only more of it.

Since I also read here that FA tobacco flavors need to steep, I tried a "quick-steep" with hot water baths and a lot of shaking, but it didn’t seem to change much.

So now it’s sitting on the shelf with the cap off of the bottle. I guess I’ll wait a few days and try it again. Hopefully it will make something vapeable.

Something fishy going on at wizard labs?!?!?

Received an email at 9:09pm saying 100mg nic was in stock. When to the website right then maybe 9:15 or so and it said out of stock. I kid you not 6 mins after I received the email they were not only out of stock but for the 500ml bottle it said -2 in stock. I have been a long time loyal customer to Wizard labs and have ordered their numerous times. I will not bash this company because customer service and quality of product are always second to none But enough is enough already.

Did any of you guys have a similar experience???

Has anybody ordered from this web site? <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>New generation lavatube body for replacement – Zainy – Electronic Cigarettes
I was just wondering how they are and where their from?

Provari vs Vamo

Just wondering who owns both devices and could give a comparrison, review or your thoughts. I found a good deal on the classifieds for a satin provari, couldn’t really afford it but I bought it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Vamo’s, chrome and SS, best device I’ve ever used. I guess I just do too much damn surfing here and couldn’t get away from the provari hype. I will run my Vamos into the ground (and I take excellent care of them) but only time will tell how long they last and if they can last 3-4 months it’s a no brainer I will buy more as they’re awesome for the price, but when they go bad that’s it, just buy a new one! With the provari you can always send it in for repairs or upgrade at very reasonable cost from what I’ve read and great customer service here in the USA. I should be getting my provari later this week and will perform my own testing using the same voltage, heads and juice. All I can say now is I’ll always have a Vamo on hand as a backup or main device. BTW did I say I love my Vamo’s and will always have one so long as they still make ’em!

Should I dilute 100mg nicotine with PG or VG?

Quick facts:
– New to <a href="”>diy
– I’ve been VERY careful with this stuff
– I currently vape at 80pg/20vg % at 12-18mg nic. This could change.

So I want to cut it down to where I’m not in a state of paranoia whenever I’m mixing.
Is there a discernible difference when diluting nic with PG or VG besides VG being thicker?
Which one would be better for freezer storage in glass jars, if any?

Frustrating start – Harsh, low bat life, low vapor production

I just bought the ViVi EPower Nova Kit. Link is here: <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>COMPLETE E-POWER NOVA KIT and 30ml juice (Free priority shipping)

Smok ViVi Nova 2.0 ml TANK
Has Drip tip
Original juice was 70% VG

Problem 1:
battery life is short. Light begins blinking within an hour of moderate use. Tastes weird shortly thereafter. Vapor production drops until I put new battery in. (These are 1050 mah batteries which I thought were some of the best.)

Problem 2:
Hits harsh. After searching, I vaped Pure VG, no nicotine. Still harsh. Heavily diluted the nicotine to possibly 3% into VG. Still harsh. VG diluted with water. Still harsh. 1.8ohm heads… It doesn’t matter if I hold the vapor in my mouth for 2, 3, 5, or 7 seconds.

Problem 3:
Vapor production is not that impressive. Even when I don’t inhale it, still not that impressive. I’d like about 3x the production I’m getting. 1.8 ohm heads

It looks like I’m going to have to start over and buy a new one. Any recommendations to either remedy the problem or for a different PV that might produce a better vape, let me know.

Things I have tried:

Multiple heads
Trimming wicks