Newbie Help!! fake(e)cig sucks

Ok…I’m a late in life smoker…
(I blame it on LA traffic…and letting friends smoke in my car before I did!)
Moved from Parliaments to American Spirits after the first year in an attempt to quit.
I just loved/hated them more.

I’m over the smell..and the expense..but can’t make it more than a day without.
I picked up a package of Green Smart Living e-cigs at a 7/11 before a fancy house sitting gig that I couldn’t "really" smoke at.

I was surprised that I liked vaping….but the GSM leave much to desire.
I chain vape all night till I sleep or the battery wears out…then I’m plugging in…vaping…plugging in….
I know there HAS to be something better!!
When I do cheat and smoke, the real ciggies knock me on my ass!!
So, I’m really not getting much nicotine for the all that vaping effort,
and I’m practically ready to fully quit!

I would like to upgrade…but not not into something ($$$) to crazy.
I know I will get bored in a few weeks hopefully rid myself of the habit.
Should I switch to another e-cig such as V2’s or go full on into an intro vaping system?
Anyone have any cost friend recs? I don’t want fancy juices.
Possibly a higher 24g so I can cut down on the habitual aspects…
and a smokey throat hit would be nice.

New member

hi all…i have been reading a lot of information on the forum..all very interesting. I am 60 years old and smoked for 45 years. I used every way possible to quit…with good success until a high stress event occured, then I would go back to smoking. In November,2012, there was a serious illness in my family….I was smoking like a fiend…i decided that if i could quit during this high stress event, then i wouldn’t need to run to the smokes due to the stress. i went and bought my husband and i disposable ecigs. my hubby said he would quit smoking the day i did. that was on December 7,2012. my family member passed away the next day. neither of us have smoked since dec 7…..and don’t want one. my ecig does the trick! we have now gone to green smart living. from what i understand this is an s808. they are simple enough for the beginner, inexpensive, and fill my need for nicotene. i love vaping, and stress won’t be driving me back to smoking. that is all of my story for now….must leave some mystery for future posts.

just curious how to put on the banner saying how many smoke free days???

Finally have variable voltage!

So I finally got away from regulated power and got away from 3.7 volts! I bought a ego twist today and I could not wait to try it! Got outside of Vulcan vape and had to give it a try right away! So I put my tank with a 2 ohm LR carto in it on this new battery and omg I was in heaven! 4.3 volts is my freaking sweet spot. I am really freaking excited that I am finally able to use variable voltage! And I’m never going back!

SS Woven Mesh

I’m learning to build a Phoenix RBA and Vivi Nova Attys and purchased some 325 ss mesh. So far I haven’t used any for either. I watched a you tube video where they put a small piece around the wick and then wrapped the wire around it. What is the benefit to doing this?

Little help please

So I ordered my Vamo today, can’t wait! But the question is:
Can someone recommend a good NON RBA for me? I just want to start into the atomizers simple at first. Also, can you explain what all the bridge and bridgeless stuff is about, and whether I will need a shield on the VAMO. Or even point me to an article somewhere that might help explain this stuff? Google search didn’t really answer many of my questions.


Ultra Sonic Cleaners

What is the best US cleaner for cleaning ego C Type A & B atomizers heads? What sort of solution is the best to use? How would you use it? Also, where do you get the mesh and wicking to replace in the atomizer heads? Thank you so much for your time.
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REO Grando + Chalice Coils

I know that when i was waiting for my Chalice, i looked at every pic of coil setups i could find. There just were not enough of em. I’m guessin that Ratman is going thru the same state of jonesin’ that I was for images. I also wanted to include a little image of how the coil legs need to orient to make the insertion easy – you will see it on the allen wrench. This Buds for you Ratman…

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