Is The Smok Baby Beast the best??

Hi guys,

Was wondering do you feel the baby beast is the best tank at the minute for flavour? I can't consider the rebuildable option due to arthritis however I'm always on the lookout out for new releases etc!!!

I also find the top hinge system personally very handy for filling! I know a few people have mentioned the clieto 120 so I was just wondering what fellow apes thoughts are on the current tank lineup or indeed any new or pending releases I should keep an eye on..


A little treat to myself

So, to celebrate 28 days with no cigs at all, I decided to treat myself to a Smok Alien today.
I told myself on the day my daughter was born that I was going to finally get myself off the stinkies, as much for her sake as for my own. 28 days later, it's going pretty well. A new mod for me is quite a big deal, I've only bought 1 in the last 2 years haha!

If it wasn't for this place, then I'd probably still be killing myself a little at a time with the cancer sticks. So thank you Apes. You…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>A little treat to myself

Mi-one teeny tiny kit!

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I just couldn't resist. On paper this has nothing to appeal to me except that it's pretty and teeny tiny. I mean built-in battery? 1100mAh? Stock coils? MTL? But it's sooo cute and shiny!!

But I wasn't prepared for just how tiny this thing is!

It is a surprisingly good <a href="”>vape, too! The coils it comes with are mtl 0.6ohm, but as I'm not a mtl gal I bought some joyetech DL 0.5 ss316l and they create some decent flavour and cloudage, although they are a tad…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Mi-one teeny tiny kit!


hello everyone

im kinda new to vaping and i just got a tarot nano kit with veco tank

im confused/disappointed

ive been vaping for a while a pen style device and wanted something more so i got the tarot and some new e<a href="”>juices
(some beard <a href="”>vapes and a milkshake one)

the tarot nano looks and feels great in hand

wicked my coil (maybe not that good, but someone said its not important with euc coils) and tried it, as soon as i turned it on it put me on 40W recognizing the coil, so i went on my…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>TAROT NANO AND VECO TANK

Really fruity 18mg juice

hi, looking for a new Mtl <a href="”>juice in an 18mg. Currently on attraction by vampire vales and toonz by diamond mist. Although I like these i want something fruity. In my sub I have 12 monkeys and lemon tart by dinner lady in 3mg and really like them. Have tried mana bush (didn't really like them, got loads spare!) various diamond mist fruity ones, didn't like them either 🙁 any suggestions?

50/50 VG PG – Which Brands???

Hi all,

I'm new to vaping, and the forum, and really wanted your help. Where are the good brands for 50/50 VG PG? I can't find them.

My <a href="”>vape pen can't handle the high VG, but all the exciting brands seem to be high VG??

Please help, and let me know what your favourite 50/50 VG PG brands are…