Identity these coils

I recently bought a Wotofo Troll RTA which came with a packet of 3 fused captions (i think) they have a flat profile, 5 wraps, 3mm ish (slightly bigger) and they're coming out at 0.6Ω

I'm messing around on Wire Wizard trying to decipher the type of wire and gauge they've used to achieve this but can't get anywhere near it, I wish manufacturers would tell you what the coils are they supply.

They can be seen here

and here…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Identity these coils

How did i managed this?!?! Aliens!!!

Don't Ask… I'll blame Aliens for it…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” target=”_blank”>View attachment 119197

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” target=”_blank”>View attachment 119198

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” target=”_blank”>View attachment 119199

I can live with paint falling off even probe up my back side… but this is too much!!! This is WAR!!!

Coppervapes Cloned RTA,s RDA,s

Copper<a href="”>vapes A Great Chinese Company for making superb quality Clones
Of <a href="”>vape Tanks RDA,s and mods you usually only here of certain brand like SXK and Such, Copper<a href="”>vapes dont get Much publicity , but they make great Quality items too mainly without the branding on there products.

After trying several other companies I decided to try some of the Copper<a href="”>vapes stuff , since Im very happy with a Sqounker mod from them (CV Bf sqounker mod kit.)

So after some time researching an testing some of…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>vapes-cloned-rta-s-rda-s.131319/”>Copper<a href="”>vapes Cloned RTA,s RDA,s

Watt (the f**k) question..

howdy peeps,
Ive been vaping a year, had a kangertech subvod pen which was cool but it broke (sad face, and 5 days back on the roll ups since i'm a weak minded nicotine addict) so..
Just upgraded to a Subox mini-C but i'm confused by this variable wattage business..

Can someone break it down easy for me please.

More wattage equals bigger clouds right?

Is there a recommended or standard wattage level for your everyday vaping noob?

cheese in advance..

Building and bad eyes

Anyone else on the cusp of needing reading glasses who builds their own decks? Been looking at magnifiers but not sure what to get. Standard wraps are easy but flat wire is a tad more difficult and I really need to see what I am up to

Advice appreciated as always

Cuboid 510

Hi guys and gals, might have been asked before but cant find anything. Ive had my cuboid for quite some time. Its seen a hard life (few scuffs here and there) but has been kept squeaky clean with no issues. Just recently its stopped registering there is an atty on the top. And its attys that ive used on there all the time. Its like the 510 has "sunken" into the mod. I can only use attys with really long pins on to make it work. Any suggestions? Is it worth a replacement or a new mod? I love…

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So I run my g priv with my cleito in tc and I run it at 248 Celsius and I just realized it was in nickel mode instead of tc and I've been vaping it for the last day or two. Was this doing any harm since it was in nickel not tc?

best types of drip tips

I'm looking for another drip tip for my unimax 25.
i'm thinking of trying a 'small' bore rather than the 'big' bore it came with,
i have read that smaller bore drip tips make the flavour taste better??
well anyway i'm gonna buy a small one as the one on my aspire pockex is small
and feels more comfortable.

would be interesting if people have found that smaller ones help with flavour, though this
is not my reason for purchase.

What i do need to know is which drip tip materials to avoid.

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>best types of drip tips

Ijoy box

Have been using the Ijoy Box for a while now and have been really happy with it, haven't been using the premade coil that came with it but instead built my own with .5ohm tiger coils and Japanese cotton wicks. I've been vaping the coils for around 5 days now quite happily, but today the coils started glowing red hot and got hotter and hotter. I had to turn it off by clicking the button five times as usual to get it to stop doing it. Burnt my coils out and now have to replace them. Have I…

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