I filled my tfv8 for the first time and it leaked almost all the <a href="”>juice out.but after I took a few <a href="”>vapes on it it did not I doing something wrong?

Gear best

I know people on here have used them but are they any good? Seen a couple of things I want to get but the prices seem a bit too good. Also what's they free delivery like? Can you upgrade it and how long does it normally take?

Kabuki…Worth the investment?

Evening all,

I've been on a bit of a spending spree recently. Having always been a MTL <a href="”>vaper who can't really be bothered with rebuildables, but also doesn't get on with any <a href="”>juice containing less the 70% VG. I'm beginning to get a bit burnt out with trying tank after tank and although finding a few tanks along the way which do the job just fine (currently settled with the Nautilus X), I couldn't say I was happy enough to not be looking for the next best thing avaliable!

I have even given…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Kabuki…Worth the investment?


ive just mixed up my first batch of e<a href="”>juice, it's Capella vanilla cupcake at 20% and vg80% pg20% with 4mg nicotine. It's not bad straight out the gate but my question is have I made it too strong and does the flavour get smoother or stronger as it steeps and if I went down to 3mg nicotine would that take a tad of the harshness away?
Cheers all

New TFV8 user coughing

Easy now Vaping Massive.

Quick question for the more experienced users among you.

I've been running a coolfire 4, Isub S tank. 3mg hombrew 50/50 <a href="”>juice . Whenever I go to a shop I find the next level vaping exquisite so I took the plunge today and bought an RX200 and SMOK TFV8 and some of the shops 3mg <a href="”>juice.

I locked and loaded the device, started off at 50watts and built up to 120watts in about 4 steps.

I started coughing and have although the flavour is great it's really…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>New TFV8 user coughing

months supply

hi all
i will try and not make this long winded its nearly pay day and what id like to do it buy enough e liquid to get me through the month as its expensive keep runing down the <a href="”>vape shop every other day at £12.99 a bottle i have found two flavours i like black magics jack the ripper its black jack and grim reapers devils finger its raspberry blueberry apple both 30ml both 80vg 20pg and 3mg im using about 3-4 bottles aweek so will need 16ish bottle a month i did find some call devils…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>months supply

Which tank ???

Hello everyone,

Was looking for a recommendation for a tank, I have a rx200s which I put a Kanger protank 4 on but I find it a bit leaky but I really like it when it works.
I just bought a coolfire 4 plus which came with the i sub apex tank which is really easy to use and fill etc but I just hate the after taste (using the same <a href="”>juice as the protank 4)
Any feedback would be appreciated.